Do You Have a Medal for Mettle?

It’s Time for Medals to Mettle Again


Do you have Medals for Mettle?


Everyone loves their bling. After successfully completing your race, you are awarded a token of your achievement, usually a carefully crafted finisher’s medal.

Some people hang these up carefully on a cool board, or take to the work cubicle to show others, or casually hang on their doorknobs. But sometimes medals get tucked into drawers, and forgotten about.

Did you know there is a group of people that you can forward your medal of achievement to honor THEIR achievement?

It’s called Medal4Mettle. It’s a non-profit organization that takes your medal of achievement, attaches a new ribbon, and awards it to people who are battling life-threatening diseases and disabilities. These are the people who demonstrate mettle every day.  They don’t have one finish line to cross over, they have a never end daily battle to make it to the next finish line-maybe a successful round of chemotherapy, or to achieve five steps in physical therapy today.

How can you donate?  Medal4Mettle accepts ½ marathon, marathon and triathlon medals.  If your child has a medal that they would like to give to another child, they will accept those also.  Place your medal(s) in a box or envelope with bubble wrap to protect your medals and send to your nearest chapter

You can donate money! It takes sixty dollars to deliver one medal to one patient.  This helps with the cost of manufacturing the Medal4Mettle ribbon,distributing and awarding medals to recipients, promotional materials, and administration costs.

In the spirit of this giving season, consider giving something of a different twist, your hard fought medals to someone in a tougher race than you right now.

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