#Holiday Sweat Challenge

Holiday Sweat Challenge

holiday sweat challenge


I have twenty pounds to lose before April 1. I would love to lose at least ten of these pounds before I hit a Caribbean beach in January. When I saw this challenge come across my Twitter feed, and it’s free, I thought, why not?  New things can help with muscle confusion, leading to better results. It’s good to have a group to report back to for accountability.

This begins November 2 and I am ready to go! (Oops I am a few days late to the party.)

Training for Umstead has been going *okay*.  October was a month just to get back to running consistently.  My average mileage has been 30-40 miles per week.  I still have knee pain. I have been stretching consistently after running.  I did not wear my flexible knee brace on my 11 mile run around the neighborhood and the leg felt pretty good.

I still need to work on getting my weight training more consistent. I am going to work on a training schedule for that for November.

I am going to run the Amish Half Marathon the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Maybe this year it will be warm! (The last two years the race day temperature has been about twenty degrees F).  I don’t have any big time goals for this race, but it will be a good way to get consistent miles in.


Anyone else up for the #Holiday Sweat Challenge?

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