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Run with Scissors Trail Marathon Report

Run With Scissors Marathon Report


I ran the Run to Share Run with Scissors Marathon on Halloween! It was a spooky good time! There is a double marathon, marathon, and half-marathon offered. Costumes are encouraged.

Originally I was going to sign up for the half marathon, but I decided to go for the marathon. I thought the course was two loops, but it turned out to be one big loop with several small loops thrown in!

I did little preparation about the marathon. I had to borrow a light from a friend (thanks Ron!) since we started in the dark at 7 am and it didn’t get light for about 45 minutes.

I’ve been having a right knee issue for months now. I was not sure how my knee was going to handle trail miles. I  have not run more than 13 miles since July!  I wore a flexible knee brace on my knee, under my “sock monkey” costume.


We were off at seven and I was alone, by myself by mile three! So much for hanging with friends! Oh well, I was running at my 100 mile pace, which is pretty slow.

Where the Sock Monkey tried to Break Her Neck

At the 1/2 marathon turning point, there is a small stream with a log across the stream. I decided, stupidly, to try and keep my feet dry. I inch across the log, and then slip off, feet slipping underneath me, landing butt first, feet in air, just missing hitting my head and neck on the log.

1/2 Marathon Turn

Wow. I can go to Colorado and almost fall off a mountain, or I can break my neck in Cuyahoga County. After a few moments of assessing body parts, I extricate myself from the mud. My water bottle lid has popped off, and am I now out of water. Oh well.  This fall kind of perked me up and I smiled and giggled down the trail at my own stupidity.

The next aid station is still about six miles away, but it’s a fairly cool morning. My sock monkey top was a brown cotton long sleeve T-shirt (the only brown I could find) and I now understand why one should not wear cotton to run in!  It was cold and clammy.

Everett Bridge

Everett Bridge

I now head out on the Perkins Loop, which I covered with Coach Hanks pacing him at Burning River in July. It’s nice that I got to see the trail in the daylight this time around!

run with scissors

I take a minute here to use my scissors to cut a page out of the book-the race is called Run With Scissors, yes I had mine with me!!

Back to the Covered Bridge, now heading back to the finish line.

yellow leaves yellowtree

The trees were lovely in the Cuyahoga Valley.  The fall colors have peaked in my area, so it was nice to appreciate the foliage for another day.  I did not bring my music. It was a refreshing change of pace to think to myself.

Knee Pain

I have had knee pain since Burning River. It might even go back to HR.  I wore an elastic knee brace.  I had varying levels of pain throughout the run.  Sometimes it would throb, sometimes it would almost go away. I seemed to have it more on downhills. I took no pain medication (although I would have killed someone for their Tylenol along the trail) because I didn’t want to mask the pain, I wanted to feel where it was, to try and ascertain the exact ailment.  The back of my knee was very stiff.

The Ledges

Back to the Ledges, just about done! I was ready to be done too. This was my longest excursion since HR.

marathon finish

I got a nice big coffee mug for finishing, and a great post-race chili! It was awesome!

sock monkey finish

Where did you run on Halloween? Was it a scary good time?