Slim Pickins Coopers Rock State Forest

The annual Slim Pickins Weekend was held in West Virginia, at Coopers Rock State Forest. Coopers Rock is 13 miles east of Morgantown.

Our base of operations was at the Chestnut Ridge Park Campground, on the north side of I-68.

pine cabin home

Athena and Greg St Clair joined us for our run around Coopers Rock. We started at the day use parking lot. Since we had a *really good* map for a change,it was not needed. There are great, sturdy signs posted at all the trail heads and along the trails. This is a great improvement!

We pass the Henry Clay Iron Furnace on our way to Cheat Lake via the Mont Chateau trail.


Henry Clay Furnace

Without the foliage, we see this great little waterfall with a skinny dipping pool. We run downhill to Cheat Lake.

cheat lake

Sunny Cheat Lake

The Professor mentions he wants to hike up the stream to the waterfall, so off piste we go.

Up Creek Bed


Despite some slick rocks, we make it to the waterfall.


After our trek down the Mont Chateau trail, we headed to the Overlook via Rock City. Rock City did not disappoint!

rock city

SP2015 St Clairs down low

SP2105 Greg and Athena

FINALLY we made it to the Overlook!

Rich overlook

Coopers Rock Overlook

SP2015 Athena




The gentle giant is gone, as it was an eco-statue. The turtle has taken his place.


After a stop for our stashed water, we headed down to Ravens Rock Trail and the next overlook. The St Clairs turned here, and we thank them for their companionship on trail this morning!

SP2015 east to Ravens Rock

Kimba Ravens Rock

Jim View Ravens Rock

Rich Jim Ravens Rock Overlook

Meanwhile, back at the Pine Cabin, the boyz were busy chopping wood for the wood stove to keep us warm and cozy.


The Professor learned a new word this weekend “lumbersexual” which he instantly took to heart.


The little lady was confined to cooking dinner for the he-men. She probably was barefoot too.

Little Lady Cooking


We decided to tour the trails on the north side of the interstate. We started down Ken’s Trail, to the Hemlock Trail, and then decided to jog up the road a bit to the Lick Run Trail.

bug hemlocktrail hemlocktrail1 DSCN4273

Partway up the road, we think we found the trail but then it ended. BUT we had the map! The Professor and Slim consulted it once or twice, and BAM! we ended right up on the trail we’d been looking for.

Soon our Slim Pickins weekend was over. This location may be a repeat for next year’s Slim Pickins, as there are more trails and streams to climb up and through!

Trail running Note: There is a new trail race at Coopers Rock on April 16, 2016. This would be a challenging race! Details are here: Coopers Rock 50K and Half Marathon
50K: Celebrate Spring time in West Virginia at 7:00 a.m. by running the beautiful trails of Coopers Rock State Forest! This rocky and rugged 50 km course will take you through awe inspiring rock formations and dazzling views of the Cheat Canyon! You will run nearly every trail in the forest, including an out-and-back to Cheat Lake and an out-and-back to the Raven Rock overlook. This is a scenic, but difficult course over rough trails with plenty of elevation gain and loss. Carrying a water bottle is mandatory.

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