Tip a glass of Beaujolais Noveau in solidarity for France

Viva la France! It’s Beaujolais Nouveau Day!

Beaujolais Nouveau

It’s the third Thursday of November. That means the Beaujolais Nouveau has been released, a vintage of grapes from this year. It is released for sale on the stroke of midnight, marked by parties, fireworks, and other festivities. It’s a good marketing campaign.


The wine is made from the Gamay grapes, from the Beaujolais region.  Most wines are not made to be drunk in the same year they are harvested.  Beaujolais Noveau belongs to a category of wines called vins primeurs, meaning any wine sold in the same year it is harvested, not long after completing fermentation.


This wine is about celebrating the harvest and the work that went into the harvest. It’s also a good excuse to crack open a bottle of wine on a Thursday.  The Beaujolais Nouveau is a good wine for an all-white wine drinker to try a red. It is a very young, fruity wine.


The Beaujolais Noveau is meant to be drunk-right away. This is not a wine to save. Buy and open that wine, and toast our allies, the  French. Viva la France!


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