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A New Run on old Running Grounds

No pictures today. Well, actually one, since it quit raining at 13.72 miles of my run today-not that I was counting or anything.

wooden bridge

The husband mentioned we still needed to procure heartworm medicine for our fattest dog (the three previous places were out) and I mentioned I could possibly run over at Lake Park, the next town over, and then go to the store for the medicine.

The hubs mentioned early Sunday that I might want to start my run sooner than later. Although the weather forecast called for 100% chance of rain, the temperature was 66 degrees. BUT as the hours went on, the temperature was going to drop also.

This bike asphalt trail was my normal training ground when I worked in town. With all the rain, I decided to NOT take the actual singletrack trail with my road shoes on.

I started running on the asphalt bike trail and within two minutes the rain was beating down. Acck! I haven’t even gotten warmed up yet.

Although the temperature was about sixty degrees, I was not counting on the strong wind that was blowing the rain sidewise. I was not feeling this run. But then the trail turned, and now the wind was behind me. Okay.

I got warmed up, but every turn into the wind drove my temperature down again. I was listening to Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcast, where Brett talked about being miserable on his training, so that actually perked me up a bit that SOMEBODY else was miserable too!

Then I started listening to an awesome interview on the Tim Ferris Show with a Navy Seal, Jock Willink, and that really empowered me to keep moving, keep going. I have a 100 mile race in 96 days!

I didn’t really get that good a look around Lake Park, it was easier to keep my head down.  Given that I can loop back to my vehicle in 3 miles, I will be back over there again for some more training miles.

Ten Years of Running Ultras



The HUFF 50K was last weekend. The HUFF-Huntingdon Ultra Frigid Fifty was my first 50K back in 2005. I have officially been running ultras for ten years!
Here is the race report I wrote about my first ultra experience.

A month after the HUFF I was off running for three months with an inflamed IT Band. I had really over trained for the HUFF.   I got healthy, overcame my IT band, and have been running ultras ever since.

What’s changed over the last ten years?

There are more women in ultras now than back in the day. Sometimes there would be 3-4 women in a race.  I sometimes say *everyone* knows me, but many times I might be the only female out on the trail.

There were far less races back then.  The internet did exist, but runners communicated on websites called “forums”.  When you registered for a race, you printed out the entry form and sent the race director a check.

Big names I remember: Dean Karnazes, Pam Reed, Akos Konya-anyone remember him? Back then Anton Krupicka was uninjured and won Leadville in 2006.

I remember when the Western States Live Tracking of runners had little pin markers showing where a runner was on the course.

My running career has had its ups and downs. I finished races. I DNF’d races. I gained a bunch of weight.  I lost a bunch of weight. I had a podcast. After a few years of barely finishing races, I decided to train smarter.  I spent less time in aid stations. I actually formulated a race plan.  I got more confident in my ability as an athlete. I asked for advice from running friends, and got better at looking at splits and times.

New races have started-like many new 100 mile races! Races have folded. Remember Sunmart, 12 Hours of Big Bear Lake,  Crown King Scramble (actually resurrected now), Kentucky Arches, Olander Park?


Remember the OLD Garmin? I think this was the Garmin 102


Running watches are much smaller now.


Finally there are some colorful running clothes out there. It’s been years, but there is something besides


Tights from

black tights for runners! Tops have become more stylish and colorful too.


Nutrition has also evolved over the last ten years. There are many more products on the market now. One of the first fuels I used was Perpeteum. I am probably similar to many ultrarunners, a product will work for a few years, then suddenly the stomach no longer likes it and it’s time to move on. Currently I am using the Tailwind fuel.

Ultra running is considerably more popular these days as folks have moved from the marathon to the ultramarathon. Races have gone to lotteries for entry. But more Fatasses have sprung up also, where the runner just needs to show up and doesn’t expect bling and social media coverage.

What do you remember about running ultras “back in the day”?



A Change of Routine for December

Welcome, December! That means the year is almost over-thank goodness.


I originally planned to do my Reverb-thing that I do every December. Reverb is a daily writing practice that focused on examining the previous year and sending out reverberations for a positive year ahead.

Frankly, I don’t want to review the year. I would really like 2015 to be over. As soon as I decided to *not* do Reverb, I felt relieved.

I will still read the Reverb posts, and I might write some private comments on the posts, but I am not going to concern myself on posting unless something catches my fancy.

What I will be doing is participating on the December 30 Days of Lists. I played along in September which was fun. It was a creative excercise that I enjoyed. This led into my own daily challenge in October,which was a “word a day” challenge. I would randonly select a word (I grabbed a book off the shelf, opened a page without looking, and stabbed a word with a pen.) Then I would art journal, or smash book, that word with the page.

I will still be re-reading through the thoughts on picking a “Word” for the year. The previous two year words have not worked out for me at all. Perhaps the 2016 word will click for me.

Are you participating in a daily challenge for December?