Fun and Success at my First Time Stand up Paddleboarding

Fun and Success at my First Time Stand up Paddleboarding

I finally got a chance to try stand up paddleboarding! Or SUP as it is known. It took a thousand mile trip to achieve this goal, but hey, what better place to start out, in a tropical bay?

stand up sign

I noticed, via the ever handy TripAdvisor, that there was a SUP Company in Grenada, called SUP Grenada.  Even better, it was located on Morne Rouge Bay, right next to the Gem, where we always reside at on our vacations.

La Plywood Bar

I inquired at La Plywood Bar (it’s real name) and was directed to the owner of SUP Grenada, Derek, just a few feet away on the beach. I made an appointment for Friday morning.

Derek went over the basics on the beach, explaining where to place my feet on the board, how to get up from the kneeling position.  I asked how to get back on the board after falling, and he showed me two positions. He also said if I was about to fall, just jump off the board rather than hit the board on the way down.

With no further ado, we waded out and he told me to get on the board, on my knees, and start paddling out! Gulp! Just like that! Derek went off to get his board and I kept paddling.

on knees SUP

I felt a bit wobbly.

Derek came by on his board and said it was time to stand up! Okay! Carefully I got one foot on the board, then the other one, then, slowly I WAS UP!

stand up paddleboard

I felt a bit wobbly, but we started paddling around the bay. Derek explained turning, and back paddling, and holding the board steady as a big wave would approach. I concentrated on my paddling technique, and we were across the bay! I did keep focusing on balancing, and my technique, and had to keep telling myself to relax a bit. I’m in Morne Rouge Bay, this IS fun, what’s the worse that could happen, I could fall in the water?

SPLASH! In a split second I could feel myself shifting and hopped off the board! Okay, I still had the paddle and was attached at the ankle to the board.  I first tried getting on the board from the side. Ugh. Not working. Derek suggested trying from the back.  I managed to flop my way back on the board. (That had to look really graceful.)  Okay, time to get up again!


I actually felt more confident on the board after falling off.  I mean, what was the worse thing that could happen? We paddled around the bay a bit more.  I was a bit tired after this lesson.  I thought about taking the board out for more paddling, but didn’t need to overextend myself.

I was really pleased to SUP. celebrating at Sur La Mer Bar I can’t wait to try it again, on a local lake, next summer. This was an activity I’ve been wanting to try for a few years, and I  made it happen!

If you are in Grenada,  SUP Grenada is located at La Plywood Bar, which is at the near end of Morne Rouge Beach (also called BBC Beach), right next to the Sur la Mar Bar, at the Gem Holiday Resort.   I was very pleased with my first paddleboard lesson with Derek and SUP Grenada.

paddleboard rental

Have you SUP’d? Is that a term?

2 thoughts on “Fun and Success at my First Time Stand up Paddleboarding

  1. Joan Stommen

    Good for you! I’ve done it several times…..exhilerating! Thanks to the “use your core” commands from fitness instructors, I could balance and paddle and snap photos! Harder is the initial standing up….leg muscles and coordination! Keep practicing! Thanks for a fun read and your photos! Love your smile of accomplishment!

    1. Kim Post author

      Thank you! I did have a bit of a stiff back the next day, I could use some core work! I’m already looking forward to SUP again when summer comes around.


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