Project 50: My First Two Goals for Project 50 Accomplished


I have successfully completed my first two goals of Project 50!

While the goals may sound fairly simple and no brainer, you never know if your plans will come to fruition.  Vacation time was granted, flights researched and booked.

Celebrate my Birthday in Grenada

Grenada is a small island in the very south of the Caribbean, about eighty miles off the coast of Venezuela.  Once a colony of Great Britain, it gained its independence in 1974.

carenage StGeorges

This is my sixth visit to the island. Our plans were successful. We escaped the impending snow and made our connections. We arrived on the island on Monday, mid afternoon, time enough to have my first Carib (a local beer from the island) and curried lambie!

Beach Morne Rouge

Have a Cake for my Birthday

I have not had a birthday cake in..twenty years? Thirty years?  I’ve had slices of cake for dessert, or a dessert on my birthday dinner. But cake? On January 6? When I’ve started my diet on January second?  January 6 birthday always seemed to undermine my dieting efforts.

In the last six or eight years I’ve not worried about “dieting” on my birthday.  I have a nicely cooked dinner (usually by my husband) with a delectable dessert.  But this year I wanted a BIRTHDAY CAKE.

The only problem we were going to an island for the birthday.  While familiar with many resturants on the island, I wasn’t sure who could bake a cake.

I found a new place (new to us, as it was not there two years ago) called Sweetly Confectioners.  I had a light chiffon cake, with a small dark chocolate layer.  It was perfect: not to heavy or too sweet, a nice Italian cake.

I blew out the candles after my five hour hike concord trail grenada

through the rain forest. I told my husband five candles would be sufficient, one for each decade, rather than burn down the hotel with fifty candles.

fiftybirthdaycake birthdatcake

My husband had a small slice of cake, but I ate that cake every day for my birthday trip! It was wonderful.  If you are ever in Grenada, check out Sweetly Confectioners on Mourne Rouge for cake, croissants, and coffee!


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