It’s Garden Thinking Time!

It’s Time to Think of your Garden!


Is this your year to grow a garden? Even a few plants?  Having fresh produce right off your kitchen is awesome.  I can walk out my front door in season and have cherry tomatoes, green peppers, basil, thyme, zucchini at my fingertips, ready to eat.

Now is the time to start thinking about what you would like to eat this spring and summer.  Even if you have limited space, such as just containers, you can still grow a little kitchen garden.

Plants for a kitchen garden:

Cherry tomatoes-if these bad boys get going you will have cherry tomatoes out the wazoo. You can freeze them. Yes, they will be mushy, but if you make couscous, or rice, you can throw these right into the grain.  To freeze them, all we do is wash them and throw them in a freezer bag.

Basil-if you have tomatoes and basil, you have two thirds of caprese salad.  How cool is that? (You could also make your own mozzarella too)  Basil is super easy to start from seed. Short cut-buy a plant from the store. Repot it. Cut leaves off daily and use in everything. The plant will keep going and going.

Thyme-also easy to grow from seed and ditto on buying from the grocery store. Thyme is another herb you can clip and cut and it keeps growing.

Rosemary-I recommend buying a little rosemary from the store.  We have a rosemary shrub.  It’s over five years old. Having this much rosemary to throw around has added rosemary to many dishes in our cooking, when you can just cut and clip.

Zucchini is a super easy plant to grow from seed. It requires a bit of space, but one or two plants are prolific. You can plant a zucchini plant in a container to grow.

You don’t want to start seeds? Check out popular seed web catalogs. Many sites now offer plants along with seeds. I sometimes buy hot pepper plants instead of starting from seed.

Isn’t it nice to thinking of spring and fresh vegetables now?


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