Outside my comfort zone: first trip in the sea in a kayak



Go Kayaking was one of my Project 50 Goals. I wanted to go exploring the shorelines of Grenada, in a part of the island that I was not familiar with.

Conservation Kayak is located at Whisper Cove Marina, in Woburn Bay, on the southwest side of the island of Grenada.

Lexi and Mustafa were our guides. Lexi went over the orientation, going over safety, strokes, and the course we would follow. The other people on the Hog Island trip was a family of five with much more kayaking experience than I did. I’ve kayaked less than five times (I think).

Hog Island Map

We started out slowly, around the mangrove roots in Woburn Bay. The family whizzed by me, probably due to their experience (and much longer arms). Lexi stayed to the back, near me, pretty much her position through out the trip.

kayak on the sea

I was out of my comfort zone when we hit the open water away from the shoreline. I was a bit nervous out there, and did not want to fall out of my kayak! I had never dealt with waves before, having only kayaked on a calm river. I had my feet firmly braced in the kayak, applying a lot of pressure to my feet. I would start to relax, breath a bit better, then a larger swell would come by and I’d tighten up again!

We stopped and donned our life jackets when we got the point where we crossed the open bay. Lexi and Mustafa were very good at stopping and outlining where we were crossing. Basically, it was to stay in a straight line of kayaks behind Mustafa, just paddle where he was paddling.

Open sea! Yikes! To our left was Calivigny Island, a privately owned gated island for the rich. I wanted to take a picture of the island and catamaran anchored out front, but I didn’t want to stop paddling either! I wanted to get across that bay!

kayak in the sea


We crossed the open bay, then to land on Hog Island, for lunch! Conservation Kayak provided a great lunch with local fish, tomato salad, local fruit, and a nice cold Carib. That was nice refreshment after the crossing of the open waters.

kayaks on Hog Island

After we spent a bit of time eating and refreshing-and a chance to swim in the waters, we were poised to head back out to the open waters. I looked out to the open waters-and put my life vest back on again.

This was a much shorter open water paddle, then we were in the bay, now following the shoreline. This is where the agave cacti were. We paddled along here given the spot to rally at the concrete Cuban boats.

kayak group

There was no romantic story about the Cuban Boats; they were removed from the Carenage because they were garbage and this seemed to be the best spot to leave them.

concrete boat

We continued along the shoreline, passing under the bridge and huge stacks of conch shells on the shore!

under bridge

Then, we were back to Whisper Cove Marina and the end of my adventure.


Despite being a bit out of my league, I had a great time kayaking. It really was an exciting trip for me. If you want to find out more about sea kayaking, click here.

It was fun to see the island from a different perspective. You should definitely check out Kayak Conservation for a very different tour of Grenada.

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