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I have the Whine You Bring the Cheese

I ran yesterday. I had not run in five days. The knee joint pain seemed to be diminishing. The weather was glorious yesterday-in the sixty degree temperatures.

I thought just run  around the block, 6.5 miles.

The knee hurt from the start. Well, it usually does, but feels better in a mile or so.

whine and cheese

It didn’t. It hurt more on the downhill into the creek bottom. I contemplated turning around. But I didn’t want to climb up the  hill.

I went on. Downhill hurt. Uphill hurt. It wasn’t a good run. I hardly ever had a run  that sucked-but this came close.

I have an MRI scheduled for Friday. I am hoping that there is something wrong with the knee-so it can be fixed!

I’ve withdrawn from the Massanutten 100 race in May. My plane ticket for Raleigh is non-refundable, so I believe I will still travel to North Carolina for the Umstead weekend. I’m pretty sure Umstead is out of the running, at least the 100.  Maybe I could still do the 50 mile option.

I am never injured. I’ve had a few issues over the years, but none that has hanged on as long as this knee problem has.

That’s my whine. I’m a bit despondent.


The Big “I” Has Hit Me

I haven’t posted much about my training.

runnerl have been training. My knee pain came back on January 2. I did receive a steroid injection around the 3rd week of January and was gloriously pain free for a week. Then it came back.

It’s bursitis. The XRay did not show any arthritis in the knee. It’s just an inflamed bursa sac. The pain comes and goes. Standing all day at work doesn’t help the situation, but that’s the nature of my work.

I’m not too sure of my spring ultra races yet. Coach Karl has been writing me a week to week schedule.

It’s funny how goals change. I had a BHAG for Umstead, I was going to train for a sub 24 hour run. Now I’m not sure if I will even run Umstead.

knee painSo that’s it, rather short and sweet. Stay tuned for updates!

Groundhog Day: Favorite time travel books

(This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the book, it will take you to Amazon, where I will earn a few cents toward my next wine bottle. I do have a privacy & disclosure tab at the top!)


In honor of GroundHog Day, my favorite time travel books!

Gobblers Knob

Everyone has seen “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray who is forced to wake up every day to Sonny and Cher singing “I Got You Babe” and relive February Second over and over again. This year I paid homage to time travel, giving you my favorite time travel novels.

Back in Time

I love a good time travel book.  My favorite in the genre of the Groundhog Day movie is “Replay” by Ken Grimwood.
Jeff feels himself dying at age 43, only to regain consciousness as himself at age nineteen, in the 60’s.  He does “die” again, same date, and wakes up again, as himself, a few years older.  He chooses to live out each “life” in a different way. A good read and re-read.

Favorite Time Travel Book: Doomsday Book

My favorite time travel book (and one of my top reads ever)  is “Doomsday Book” by Connie Willis.   Set in the near future, the University regularly sends scholars back in time to study history. Kivrin is set to go back to the middle ages, when she gets sent back to the  wrong decade, which is the start of the bubonic plague.  The book flashes between Kivrin’s dealing with this horrific sickness, and her professor trying to get the equipment and people in place to go rescue her, in the middle of their modern influenza crisis.  The first time reading this, I couldn’t put it down as I got to the end. Awesome read and re-read.



Another book where the protagonist deliberately goes into the past is 11/22/63   by Stephen King. King novels have gotten way too wordy for me, but I actually read this entire book of his. After Jake’s first visit to the past of 1958, he find that he can keep returning to the past.  He goes back again and again to try and prevent the assassination  of John F Kennedy.

No Control Time Travel

Two books where the protagonist has no control over their time travel: “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and “Kindred”.


Time Traveler’s Wife Imagine being married and in love with a man who pops up in and out of your life and leaves you. He has no control over this!  A beautiful written book. I couldn’t read it more than once, the sad ending was too close to home for me.


Kindred by Octavia Butler  was a new book  to me as I surfed for time travel books.  Dana is yanked back in time in order to save a young white boy from drowning in the mid 1800s.  It turns out that this young man is an old ancestor of hers. Dana  is a young black woman from the 1970s.  She is involuntarily brought back to the plantation where her ancestor lives, in order to save his life over and over.  She has to spend time on the plantation, living life as a slave, until she can be sure her future generation is born, therefore knowing her own life will continue.

Outlander OF COURSE

A very popular time travel book series (and now TV series) is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon  Claire travels back in time, meets Jamie, a Scottish highlander, and eventually has to choose between living in her time, the 20th century, and his time.  There are now many books in the series now and it’s a fun romantical adventure.  These tomes do become a bit wordy over the years, but I still like reading them.  I have watched the HBO series and will probably watch the upcoming season too.


Do you have any time travel book recommendations? Let’s hear them!