Project 50: Eat a New Fruit

Time to cross off a Project 50-Eat a New Fruit!

What better place to find a new fruit (to me) than the iconic Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield, Ohio! We always make a JJ stop on our way home from the Cinti Wine Festival.

jungle jim's

I found three fruits instead of just one to try. Why not? I don’t go to many specialty grocery stores to locate an exotic fruit.


This is a strange looking small red hairy fruit. These are common snacks in Asia.  Rambutans funny exterior conceal a smooth sweet white fruit within. Based on my internet research on freshness, these rambutans are ready to eat.


I split the rambutan open with my nail. It peels open and boom! there is the white fruit. opened rambutan

It is very sweet. It does have a pear like flavor but sweeter. I like the texture better than a pear, it’s a bit more firm yet rubbery. I find this a tasty treat! I would eat this fruit again!

Florida Sapadilla

I had to wait a few days until the sapodilla turned soft enough to eat.


This is SWEET! I read it can be described as a pear that has been sopping in brown sugar. A good description. It tastes and has the consistency of a super sweet pear. Would I eat this again? Sure.

Black Sapote: Chocolate Pudding Fruit

black sapote fruit

My black sapote ripened quickly, turning a bit mushy and dark brown. Cutting it open, it did indeed look like dark chocolate pudding.

black sapote on spoon


It did not taste like chocolate pudding. It was rather tasteless, just bland, no sweetness to it. I guess you could use it like a tofu, where it will take on the flavorings. Would I retry this? No, not unless I was trying to experiment with a low-fat chocolate pudding or brownie.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Have you an exotic or lesser known fruit to recommend?



11 thoughts on “Project 50: Eat a New Fruit

  1. Paula Kiger

    I don’t have one to recommend but the first one reminded me of a fruit I had in El Salvador – the exterior was completely different but the delicious middle looked similar!

  2. Lois Alter Mark

    I love this. I recently visited a friend in Portland and we went to someplace like this, where I saw fruits I had never even heard of before! Good for you for trying new things – and introducing them to us!

    1. Kim Post author

      Thanks! *New* things don’t have to be huge undertakings. I am currently reading a Sherlock Holmes book (also on Project 50) and really enjoying it!

  3. Esther

    Rambutan. Really? It’s scary to think that is a fruit. But lemme go explore the fruits I have never ever tasted. I am Nigerian. I want to try kiwi and berries out. Maybe will buy at the mall during this Easter period.

    1. Kim Post author

      The rambutan was really good! I wonder who the first person was that peeled that gnarly exterior off. I love kiwis.


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