Top 10 Activities to Pursue While Waiting for Barkley Updates

Top 10 Activities to Pursue While Waiting on Barkley Updates


Frozen Head State Park


10. Go for a run. There won’t be much word of runners until they return to camp. The fastest runners, who successfully stay on course, could be back in seven to nine hours. Others will return much later, maybe within the twelve hour cutoff, but probably not.

The Barkers do a good job of not giving out much information in the first day of the race. There could be someone Tweeting or FBing who may give out a name. But don’t get frustrated when a runner is identifed as “Female Runner back at camp”.  As the attrition rate grows, it will become rather apparent who is still out on the course.

9.  Check out great pics  photos from Geoffrey Baker at the Barkley

8. Watch a cool video on Jamil Coury’s 2015 attempt

7. Listen to UltraRunning Podcast interview Alan and Bev Abbs, both veterans of the Barkley and finishers of the Fun Run

6. Read “The Immortal Horizon” penned by Leslie Jamison, from the 2012 Barkley. This is the essay that Annika and Tim, producers of the documentary read and became intrigued by this train wreck of a race.

5. Read Parts One and Two of Heather Anderson’s 2015 Attempt. Anish, record holder of both the PCT and AT Unsupported FKT could not finish the Barkley. Is she there this year?

4. Listen to an old school podcast from Trails and Tribulations with Flyin Brian Robinson from 2007.

3.  Listen to Dirt Dawg interview John Fegyversi on his 2012 Barkley finish

2. Watch The Barkley Marathons Documentary: The Race That Eats Its Young: available everywhere. Even on Netflix!

1. Buy Frozen Ed Furtaw’s book “Tales From Out There” The History of the Barkley Marathons

Anyone back to Camp yet?

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Activities to Pursue While Waiting for Barkley Updates

  1. Pat

    I never knew that trail running existed and would certainly have loved this sport if I was still able to run. That said at least I can still enjoy food and being married to a Frenchman makes every meal an adventure.

  2. Todd Wiggins

    Great list. Thanks so much. Have been obsessing over #bm100 updates all weekend. Hard to get any work done today.

    You could also include watching The Ginger Runner’s documentary on Gary Robbins’ attempt at the FKT of the Wonderland trail circumnavigation of Mt Rainier to see what an awesome ultra runner and human being he is #gogarygo

      1. Kim Post author

        Thanks! That helps me out with Next year’s 10 Activities while waiting for Barkley updates!


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