Daffodil Rescues

daffodil rescues

I would consider the daffodil my favorite spring flower. The sunny yellow is always a cheering sight to view in the greening grass, after the brown bleakness of winter. As a gardener, I really appreciate the flower-it divides and spreads on its own, and critters do not eat daffodils.

As a runner, it’s always been a fun sight to look over at the side of the road, or out into the woods, and see the discovery of a patch of daffodils. Daffodils mean civilisation. Daffodils growing in the woods mean someone planted them there. Usually, if you look closely, you will see the remains of a house, or a foundation.

As the greens started to show, I decided I would go on a daffodil scavenging hunt. These daffodils were planted by someone-probably long ago.

How long? In some instances, where I scavenged, I would bet these houses have been gone for fifty or eighty years or longer. Who planted the daffodils? Some farm wife? Where did she get them from? Her mother? Sister? Did a child bring home some bulbs from school?

My little mission started sooner than I thought. I was out for a trail run, when the yellow color caught my eye.

daffodils in woods

I investigated, and found a little gem:

double daffodil

I was expecting the ubiquitous big yellow trumpet daffodil, and found this. It has kind of a split cup, almost looks like a daffodil double. I don’t think this is that common of a daffodil-and this whole grove was made up of these!

I continued on my run, and sure enough, a few miles down the trail, another patch of yellow caught my eye. I had to look carefully, but I could find the old stones of the foundation.



house foundation


It was a little difficult to dig a small clump of bulbs up-with my fingers and a stick. But I managed to get some bulbs and stuffed them into my running pack.

My next rescue was on a road run.  On one of my back country roads, I could see the old chimney from the road. I had even thought to myself, “there’s daffodils down there”. A road cut to a natural gas well made it much easier to traverse through the multi flower rose brambles, and I procured more bulbs. Although this time I had a trowel with me, it would have been far easier to have brought a shovel!


This huge swath of daffodils surprised me. I was on a trail run, in my usual location, when I glanced to my left and saw all the flowers! I had been running this trail for years and never saw the daffodils! I guess I was busy watching the trail and picking my way through the mud!

daffodils trail


The last location I checked was more of a hunch. As I run down this road, I can see the remains of the house-which, I think sometime later, was torched. I investigated, and sure enough! Daffodils!!

The daffodil bulbs have been planted in some pots, and are currently residing in my plant room. Some have blooms, so I can see what they are, others are just like a new bought book-I can’t wait to see what will bloom!

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