Friday Five Favorites

Five Favs


1. Daffodils-my favorite flower. Harbingers of spring. The yellow has to cheer anyone up

Two daffodils


yellow daffodil

yellow daffodil

2. Dogs- I am such a dog person

Tino and Jules


3. Wine Room-I took this totally unused wasted space in our house and made a great storage room for our wine.

old coal room

old coal room

Finished Wine Room

Finished Wine Room

This then allowed me to turn my dark little downstairs room into MY workout area.

4. Trails-I am such a trail person.


I miss them. trails

All of them

trail by lake

5. Home made beef jerky-my husband makes me home made beef jerky. It’s pretty simple.  Alton Brown taught him how to do it.

What are your five favorites this Friday?

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