How To Create YOUR Project 50 List

How to Create YOUR Project 50 List

How to Create YOUR Project 50 List

Do you have a special date or deadline before you?  Maybe you are turning 49 and want to accomplish 50 things by 50, or maybe you are celebrating being fifty and alive! Maybe you want to accomplish XX amount by X years old.

kayak on the sea

I wanted to celebrate turning fifty, not hiding from it, lamenting it, or denying it. Heck, I’m happy to have made it to age fifty. I decided to turn it into a celebratory year of TRY-try new activities, food, experiences, mindsets.

How I Developed My List

here’s how I developed my list of ideas and goals:


20,000 Days and Counting by Robert D. Smith-how would your thought process change if instead of counting your time in years, you counted them in days?  A good and easy read. Thought provoking.

I Dare Me-being a woman of midlife, this was a good blueprint. Lu Ann Cahn felt “stuck”. Her daughter encouraged her to try a “First” every day for 365 days. This started as a blog, then turned into a book. Some of her firsts were *big*, but others were just small, but still firsts, like trying all the ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins.  This helped with the formation of my Project 50.  My items weren’t all necessarily big adventures, (like cleaning out your clothes closet)  but items new to me, or something I haven’ done in ages-like ski or learn to snowboard.

The 52 Weeks-a book similar to I Dare Me, this is a collaboration between  Karen Amster-Young and Barbara Godwin. They too felt a bit stuck and challenged themselves to trying one new activity a week for 52 weeks.

Internet Key Words

This is easy,  plug in bucket list, you will have a plethora of websites to surf through to gain ideas. I ignored the big bucket list ideas, as “travel to India” was not going to happen in 2016. Using the search term “bucket list and your state” will give you good local ideas to try.


Pinterest is a great site to look for Project 50 ideas. Just use the search term “Bucket List” or “Bucket List Ideas”.  This should spur your imagination.

Your Inner Self

What are you afraid of? What activity or experience is slightly-or way out- of your comfort zone?  What have you not tried because you think you will look silly? I’m going to try karoke this year. I might need to have a drink or two before I attempt it, and I’m sure I will look silly-but I am going to try it. That’s out of my comfort zone.  What activity have you not done in..a long time? I’m going to hopscotch. I don’t even remember how to do it, but it will be done before the end of the year.

Enlist Support and Ideas from Others

Tell your friends and family what you are going to do. Ask them for ideas. They may come up with something you would have never dreamt of-so go do it! This can also help to inspire others to create their List for the Year, and go out and crush some goals.

Do you have a List to Celebrate Turning XX? Or do you want to accomplish X this year? Why not Do it?

14 thoughts on “How To Create YOUR Project 50 List

  1. joan Stommen

    Great list for so many things; celebrating my next Birthday, new Pinterest boards, ways to contol my anxiety/fretting/worry, planning my next adventure overseas, ways I can better connect as a long distance grandma! Thank you so much for this inspiration and motivation!

    1. Kim Post author

      Thank YOU Joan for the kind comments! It’s always fun to think up new things, or even go back to old forgotten activities to master again.

  2. Carla

    I’m so excited to see this today. I will be 47 in a few months and had already started jotting down 50 x 50 ideas. Thank you thank you thank you for this post!!

  3. Tamara

    So timely! A friend and I just exchanged our ’50 by 50′ lists yesterday. Surprisingly, we had several of the same items on them! I’m starting to tick them off later this week; just a little over a year to complete them all!

  4. Haralee

    This is a great reminder post to not get stuck in a rut! I try to be open to new ideas. Sometimes I hear myself saying how something won’t work before I tease it out completely and try to stop mid word and be open to the idea.

  5. Sheree Martin

    Cool advice for folks afraid to branch out of their comfort zone.

    I’ve always been willing to try new things, but most people aren’t. As my friends turned 50, I continually heard them saying things like: “now that I’m getting old, I’m [insert broken body part or ailment or attitude.]”

    I say, at 52, that I’m living life as if I’m at the mid-point, meaning I have as much ahead as behind me. Fortunately, that’s never included the couch.

    1. Kim Post author

      Exactly. We’re going to live to be 100 years or older, all things willing. The best is yet to come!


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