Organizing Convalescent Corner


Organizing my Convalescent Corner



Surgery is tomorrow! (Just knee arthroscopy.)  After a busy day volunteering at Forget the PR 50K on Saturday, today is time to:

Organize my Convalescent Corner


In my corner, I have:

-a manila file with odd pieces of mail to read

-two books on the intervention in Grenada

-various back issues of Outside Magazine and Runners World

-my Kindle with about 4 brand new books to read

-my dog scrapbook and two art journal books that I am working on

-a basket with craft supplies-with a lid to keep the 64 pound German Shepherd puppy out of

-a to do list on my Evernote with items to take care of, like complete my continuing education for my license, and two online social media classes I have access to

-movies: I bought the first 3 seasons of Downton Abbey. I have three running movies I’ve never seen: The Long Run, Prefontaine, Run for your Life: The Fred Lebow Story

We do not have Netflix or any access to stream videos or movies on our limited bandwidth internet, hence having to have physical movies.

Any tips for about a week of non-movement for a recovering runner?

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