What Runners Can do for Earth Day

What Runners Can Do for Earth Day


Go cupless at a race. Even if the race provides cups, bring your own handheld. Cupless is becoming a popular trend in trail running.

Donate old shoes-look for donation boxes at local running stores or sporting goods stores.

Pick up trash– Most trail runners tend to pick up trash just when they see it. Make this a habit. Leave the trail less trashy than when you ran it.  Maybe on Earth Day, go for a Trash Run! Make it a group activity, take a garbage bag with you, see how much trash you can recover. I have friends who had a “Beer Run” where, (sadly) they could run a road and pick up enough beer cans to help pay for race fees.  They would run this road about once a week because there was that much beer cans tossed out on the ground.

Stay on the trails-run the path before you. Don’t go around the big mud puddle. You go around the muddy sections, you make the trail larger.

Practice Leave No trace Principles

Leave No Trace Principles

Food Recovery is the  EPA theme for Earth Day 2016.  This is something that aid station captains and race directors could try and implement.  For example: don’t open food packets until the food on the table is eaten up. That way the unused food can be donated or taken home by volunteers not merely dumped into the trash.
Do you have gels or food items that you hate? Bring them along and donate to another runner. I tried a food item a few years ago that I hated. I was happy to give the nutrition away to another runner who really liked the item! A win win!



2 thoughts on “What Runners Can do for Earth Day

  1. Todd

    Great ideas. I once was in the habit of running with a bird vest, the type of vest a bird hunter wears. The vest was very helpful for carrying an extra pair of mittens or jacket. It was also perfect for picking up beer cans and gel packets along the road or trail. I think I’ll start wearing it again.


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