How Fitbloggin Made Me a Better Blogger

How Fitbloggin Made Me a Better Blogger

Fitbloggin 2016

My evolution as a Blogger from the beginning to Present

I started my blog in 2007. Like my Geocities pages of old, I wrote about what I knew. Trail running. I had no idea of what I was doing in both running and writing blog posts. There was a typo in the header post of my first entry.  I’ve kept it that way for posterity!

Joing Blogland  April 23, 2006
Well, well, well, I have finally joined blogland. But first I have to go for a run before I can work on this anymore.

I just wrote. No SEO, no alternative text in photos.
I just wrote.  Edit? Second draft? Nope, I just wrote and posted.

I wrote for years.  Now and then I would wonder why I didn’t get many comments. Yet runners would comment, in person to me that they liked my blog.  How many followers did I have? I have no idea. I had no idea there were blogging statistics.

Social media came around. I joined-meaning Facebook and Twitter, but didn’t think to add my blog to the social media, ever.  Promote a blog post on either? Why would I do that?

I listened to a podcast called Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone.  I believe that’s where I found the Fitbloggin website. What, a conference about blogging and fitness? Wow, what a cool/great idea! Baltimore! That’s not far!! Ohhh.. It’s sold out.

There were recaps and live blogging from the conference. I got some good ideas and didn’t understand others. I wished I had attended the conference!
I followed some of the bloggers from the conference. I noticed other bloggers getting “free stuff”. I wondered how they were getting stuff from sponsors. How did I get these sponsors to knock on my blogging door?  I noticed how nicely designed most blogs and websites where.
I noticed everyone was ending their blog posts with a question. Hmm. What was that all about?

In 2011, I changed my name to a custom URL, but still on blogger, to I wrote on. I didn’t edit, or post to my *social*.  I don’t know whether I gained or lost readers, because I didn’t track any analytics. I  posted pictures right off the internet *gulp* because I didn’t know any better!

I kept writing. I still didn’t know why I wasn’t getting any more comments or followers. Twitter moved too quickly for me to do anything there, when I popped in once or twice a week. I didn’t *get* Instagram at all.

The Savannah Fitbloggin conference fit right into my off weekend in 2014.  A little overwhelmed, I felt like everyone was light years ahead of me AND I had been blogging for years and years! But it gave me great ideas and action plans. I had four pages of notes.

Back from the conference, rejuvenated, a few months later, even though I had just bought new business cards, I felt like I was in the need for a change, a rebrand, a fresh start. Maybe I need to try WordPress?

WordPress scared me.  I took the plunge and started the new URL and blog-because, with it being brand new, if I broke it, it wasn’t breaking much!

I felt like a total newby on WordPress. This didn’t bother me because I love learning.  I felt like I was being refreshed as a new blogger. I began reading blog posts about WP and tips and tricks for a *new blogger* and listening to podcasts about blogging.

I discovered FB Groups, which, get this!  where other people will promote your post. I found Blogher and other networks. I began reading about how other bloggers got traffic to their posts. I finally understood the saying  “ I could write and write and write, but if I don’t promote it, “nobody will come’. “

I finally understood that it’s a good practice to ‘edit’ a post. Not to just write, wily nily and throw the first draft up. That I could re read and delete many “probably” and “so” from my writing.

Fitbloggin 2016 is just around the corner in Indianapolis, July 21-24.  This year, they have set up a referral program. Since I am already registered, if you register and use the word REFERRAL in the coupon code, and my name in the “other comments” YOU and I get 75 dollars off!   The conference is only $295 to begin with (a good price when you look at costs from other blogging conferences.)

Look for me at the Indy Fitbloggin conference with a new URL, a media kit, and a fresh look on blogging and social media!

What’s your blogging history? Are you ready to make a change? Do you need to make a change?  Are you going to join me at Fitbloggin 16 in Indy?

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