My Soul has Returned

Soul returned

Trail Running-My Soul has Returned

I didn’t even know my trail soul was missing. I had been missing running. Maybe not terribly, in some ways. I would feel sad as I drove down a road that was part of my usual running route. I knew I missed running trails terribly when I stepped onto some blazed orange Massanutten trail for a little hike away from the aid station. I didn’t walk more than ten feet than I felt relaxment, peace, and contentment. I hopped over some boulders-as one does on the Massanutten trail-and could tell my right operative knee still needed some strengthening versus the left knee.

I had started the “Couch to 5K” training plan. Don’t laugh. It’s a great plan. It’s actually just very slow interval work. I was using my treadmill. I think I completed about three days of the plan.

I decided to go out to Salt Fork State Park and run four miles. Just four. Two miles out and back on a section of bridle trail that was pretty “flat” for our area. I arrived at the trail head about 730 am as it was already in the 70’s and humid.

Salt Fork Soul Has Returned

About 1 mile in to my run I felt my soul return. I could feel the visible relaxation as my body warmed up. My feet appreciated the soft surface of dirt and mud.

No music, no water, no gear except for my SPIbelt holding my car key and phone. I could hear the drone of the 17 year cicadas. I heard the deer snort in the woods and I snorted back and watched it bound away.

I worked up a sweat. I walked up the little tiny hills. I wondered why people had to clean up dog poop when out with dogs when horses were allowed to crap all over the place. Perhaps that was a definition of a bridle trail? Bridle trail- where horses walk and nobody has to pick up their poop. Perhaps we need a dog trail-for dogs to run on, and poop wherever they please.

I felt I was back where I belong. out in the woods and on my feet. running.

It was four miles-two miles out and back and it was glorious.

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