My Knees are not Bad!

Bad Knees on Old Rag


There is nothing BAD about my knees. My knees are not: disappointing or unpleasant; of low quality or evil or morally unacceptable.

Those are all definitions of “BAD” knees.

My knees are awesome. I may need to buy some knee pads or a knee brace that says “Awesome” just like my “awesome socks”. (You can buy your own Awesome Socks!)

awesome socks

My knees have carried me around for fifty years. They have allowed me to squat, Mohican Tipi to kneel, to crawl through tunnels. They have allowed me to dig really big holes, to shovel horse manure for my gardens. My knees have allowed me to climb trees and hop up,

MMT Trail


over and scramble over boulders.

Old Rag

Do these sound like BAD knees? I think they are awesome knees!


 If my link to the Awesome Socks works, it will take you to Amazon where I am a Amazon Associate and will get a penny or two if you happen to love the Awesome socks!

One thought on “My Knees are not Bad!

  1. Debbie Rodrigues

    You are absolutely right, Kim!
    Your knees are awesome.
    Our body is awesome, it’s a blessing, the perfect vehicle that exists.
    Yes, sometimes it requires some extra attention, but it still rules!
    Have a great week and I’m rooting for you.


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