Project 50-Reading Sherlock Holmes for the very First Time

Project 50-Reading Sherlock Holmes for the very First Time


Sherlock Holmes


In all my years of voracious reading, I had never read a Sherlock Holmes book.  I read Agatha Christie at a young age, but the detective Mr Holmes never really interested me.

I decided reading a Holmes novel was a good Project 50 activity.

Sherlock Holmes

Result? Very much enjoyment.

I started with “A Study in Scarlet”.  After consulting the internet, it seemed I should have started with more of the short stories. But this was where Holmes and Dr. Watson met.  It wasn’t bad. The Tonga section was kind of boring.

“Hound of the Baskervilles” was much better after “A Study in Scarlet”, more mystery.

I didn’t realize most of the Holmes stories were short stories! I read many of these. Easy to read and follow.

I was surprised to see that Professor Moriarty was only in one short story. Even though I had never read or watched any of the Sherlock Homes TV/movie shows, I know of the characters.


I did read The Valley of Fear where Dr  Moriarty was referenced. Another interesting read. I believe I read most of the novels/stories that were in the Kindle edition of the Sherlock Holmes stories.


Is there a “classic” book that you have never read? Why not try Sherlock Holmes?


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