Project 50-Make a Time Capsule

time capsule


A time capsule is a picture in time; a snapshot of the moment.  I created a  capsule of the year 2016. I procrastinated on this quite a bit. Once I started gathering items it became much easier than planning it all out.

Time Capsule contents:

local newspaper

White Flower Farm catalog

A non-functioning Zune MP3 Player

My homemade Global Running Day bib

Tailwind Sticker

NEO Trail Club Sticker

Race Shirt

Paystub printout

A list of my Project 50 and explanation of what I am doing in the year 2016

contents time capsule

My husband’s first e-book, “Observations on Turkish Bayonets”

Random Receipts

My blogging business cards when I was the Ultra Trail Goddess

This blog post printed out

I almost forgot the sleeve from Downton Abbey, the first three seasons. I binge-watched this while off with my knee surgery

Downton Abbey addition

I plan on storing this time capsule box in the attic.  I believe I will put a 40 year old opening date on it. I will be NINETY when I open this.  I wonder if anything in the box will be relevant then?

Have you ever thought of or created a time capsule? Have you opened it yet?

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