Project 50-Visit a New Museum

Visit a New Museum


My husband and I headed to Marietta to visit the Campus Martius Museum and the Ohio River Museum.  Although being Buckeyes our entire life, we’d never stopped in at these museums.

Marietta is located at the confluence of the Ohio River and Muskingum River.


Marietta was the first permanent settlement of the United States in the Northwest Territory. The fort, Campus Martius, was built on higher ground on the Muskingum River.

Campus Martius Musuem

The Campus Martius musuem is a good size. There are four exhibit rooms and then Rufus Putnam’s house is “next door”.  Who was Rufus Putnam? Why, Michael, our tour guide told us that and alot more. He was very knowledgable and we learned quite a bit about Marietta.

Marietta was named after Marie Antoniette; apparently Marietta was a nickname of hers.

We walked a block toward the river to the Ohio River Museum.

Ohio River Museum

This was interesting if you were into models of paddleboats. There were quite a few of those. I did find this interesting about riverboat pilots:
freehandsketchthis was a detailed section, done from memory, of an 18 mile section of the Mississippi River.

We knocked off two new museums for bonus Project 50 points!

Have you visited a “new to you” museum lately?  

One thought on “Project 50-Visit a New Museum

  1. Shari Eberts

    Sounds great! I have wanted to visit a small museum in Garrison, NY for years. I have driven by it a million times. You’ve inspired me to stop in and take a look. Thank you!


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