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I Want to Ride my Bicycle I want to ride my Bike!

How can anyone turn down a Queen inspired post title?


Today’s workout was a bike ride.

Since it was my day off from work, there was no time constraints to get out there on the bike. I was biking by 830am, as the day was already hot and sweaty!

abandonedhouseThis is the abandoned house on the corner. Over the years, all the windows have been broken out. The windows were then covered with plastic, which has tattered and torn.

bike scene

It is quite the bucolic scenery that I ride through.

I had a good bike ride. I don’t know whether it was because I had pre-planned my workouts for the week, or knew the route I was going to ride, but all went well. Even the “big” hill seemed just a tiny bit easier. Maybe I am getting a bit used to being in the bike saddle these days.


The best part about riding on these back country roads in the creek bottom is there is no traffic.  Like one truck passed me.  I’m still quite leery riding a bike with traffic.  Does anyone else mutter “please don’t hit me please don’t hit me” when a car needs to pass you?
green tunnelI did not get to my knee exercises (yet) today but substituted weeding and staking some pepper plants that needed the immediate loving care.

Did you get in a bike ride today?

No Need to Reinvent the Exercise Wheel



I’m back from Fitbloggin 16 and ready to flip the switch to getting fit again!

I attended all four of the Fitbloggin workouts.  I got quite the workout!  What I learned from these workouts is that I don’t need to rejoin the gym.

I  don’t have to reinvent the workout routine. There is no need to me to pick and choose this shoulder pull from this workout, this quad buster from that celeb workout.  I’m out of shape enough that any weight based exercise routine is going to work for me.

I am going to mix it up.  Monday is a trial of a run.  I haven’t run in a long time.  I’m going to run, perform my knee exercises, and if there is time, work on a Valslide’s circuit.  Valerie Waters was at Fitbloggin and I really liked the Valslides.

Tuesday is a bike ride and get my kayak registered so I can take it out of Salt Fork Lake.

Wednesday is a treadmill walk and get in a body weight circuit exercise routine.

Thursday is a bike ride, knee exercises, and core.

Friday is a run, knee exercises, and Valslide circuit.

Saturday is a bike ride and stretching.

Sunday is a hike and white water rafting day!

What’s on your exercise agenda for the week?

Quick Fitbloggin 16 Recap


I just attended my  second Fitbloggin Conference.


What is Fitbloggin? : To bring together the community of health and fitness bloggers, writers, social media users, and industry professionals for education, networking, and fun.

This is what I wanted to get out of Fitbloggin 16:

1. Learn-I took 4 pages of notes from Fitbloggin 14. It’s incredibly easy to learn from others talking, rather than a video or the written word.  I think I am revising one of my Project 50 activities, Figure out Instagram (I am now enjoying Instagram) and replace it with Figure out Snapchat.

2. Energize-with my knee pain, I have not settled into any recognizable workout schedule.  Right now it’s not about the running-because that’s not happening. But I do want to get into a routine with excercise-and I know there’s a huge world of non-running moves out there! I bet I find a few at Fitbloggin 16.

3. Connect-find some new friends out there in the world. In 2014, my husband was with me in Savannah, so I didn’t get to hang out socially at all (we went out with his friends).  It will be nice to have lunch and dinners with new peeps.

How did I do?

  1.  Learn! I did learn. Good sessions, learned tips about SEO, being a consistent blogger, I now know how to OPEN Snapchap! I learned new exercise moves and new fitness equipment!
  2.  Energize-I did all the Fitbloggin workouts, including a  90 minute session at Lifetime Fitness off site-and didn’t die!  Boy do I have some sore muscles which will be more sore tomorrow! I realize I’m a bit more out of shape than I thought. I also learned I can do a good 30-40-50 minute workout at home, with body weight and work up a great sweat without a gym membership (or running)!
  3.  Connect- I met some cool new bloggers! Thanks Caryn, Tracy, Martha, Shelley, Steve, Thomas, Tracy for hanging out and breaking bread and have some good conversations.

Were you at Fitbloggin? What did you learn? Ever attend a blogging conference? You really should try one!

Halfway through the year and Project 50


It’s July, we are halfway through my fiftieth year!


How is it going? Well, other than a very slow rehab of my knee, Project 50 is going well.  It’s been a very cool project.  I’ve gone out and done things because they are on my list. Instead of just staying home and surfing the internet, I’ve gone to museums, orienteering.  Having an activity on The List is making me tick it off! I will be white water rafting at the end of the month!

What might not happen this year:

Visit 50 new parks to me. I haven’t hit one new park yet. I don’t see that happening.

Warrior Dash-I am bowing out of this one for right now. The Dash is in August. I am struggling with my knee.  I am trying to be gentle and easy on my knee. Trying to do low crawling and burpees just is not happening with my knee. I just want to be able to walk normally on my knee without any pain.

What I am working on:

Adopting a portion of the Buckeye Trail. Done! We’ve found our section of the trail.

Dog Scrapbook-I finally realized I can upload my numerous pics to one of the online photo places and print my pictures out for pennies rather than tax my poor little printer.

Wills-I really really need to get on the husband and myself for the will revision.  Right now, both executors of our wills are deceased.  Not that we would care (being dead) but someone would still have to sort out our estate.

Sock Monkey-I’m going to find the socks and attempt my Kimba designed sock monkey this month!

Project 50-Adopt a Trail

Adopt the Buckeye Trail

Project 50: I adopted a section of the Buckeye Trail for maintenance.

Buckeye Trail

How to Adopt the Trail

How hard was this? Not hard at all!  All you need to do is email the Buckeye Trail Volunteer Coordinator and tell them what section of trail you are interested in.  After a few emails to a few section supervisors, I have my 1.5 mile around Leesville Lake, an awesome single track trail section.

Leesville Lake


Trail Commitments

What is my commitment? “The off-road trail adopter must hike his or her trail at least 3 or 4 times a year so that they can ensure that the blazes are accurate and clear, that the hike is not a battle with thorns and other greenery and that the deadfall is removed or routed around. Even road sections need to be checked annually to ensure that the blazes are visible.”

A good excuse to go spend time in the woods, and help maintain a trail? It sounds like a win win for everyone!

Bridge on Buckeye Trail

The Buckeye Trail is a 1444 mile loop around the state of Ohio. It does not go through every county in the state.  There are many sections of the trail that are on road (boo) but there are great sections of single track-ask the folks who run on the  BT in the Cuyahoga National Park.  There is a wildly successful 50K there, called “The Buckeye Trail 50K” that has been going on for twenty-three years.

My Section

My section of trail is by the Leesville Lake in Harrison County. Although about thirty miles from my house, it takes about an hour drive. Yes, it’s one of the rural sections!

Leesville Lake Buckeye Trail

The husband came with me, which was for the best, as we had a bit of trouble locating the trailhead.


Luckily we did have the topo map.  That will be first task on trail day, make the turn into the woods a bit more noticable:

Autumn Road Buckeye Trail head

This section is in good shape!  It’s a well defined trail; there are only two spots where a side trail comes in.  One section is where you pop out of the woods into a private neighborhood.  You have to walk about twenty feet to find the trail marker.

Buckeye Trail Marker

I located a spot where a new blue blaze would take the eye into the correct direction.

South Fork Leesville Lake Marina

South Fork Leesville Lake Marina

This section of trail goes from Autumn Road to the South Fork Marina on Leesville Lake.   The Marina Trail  intersects with the Buckeye Trail and is blazed white.   There is a nice little sign at the trailhead indicating the way to the Buckeye Trail if you are hiking south.


Other than moving a few branches, this was just a “recce” trip for my husband and I. (It seems like he is interested in helping me out!)  We will return in a week or two to clear up some bigger branches and get a few new blue blazes painted.

Leesville Lake

Have you considered adopting a trail?


Happy Independence Day


Happy Independence Day! It’s America’s birthday, on the Fourth of July!

It’s not Happy July 4th! Or Happy 4th of July!  I guess it is a happy July 4th, in Great Britain, Russia, India, Finland. It’s the fourth day of the seventh month.

But in the United States it is the day of our Independence. Declared on the 4th of July.

Happy Independence Day!


Why I am creating an Email List

For years I have been reading about bloggers and HOW IMPORTANT it is to have readers subscribe to your mailing list.

Despite their best argument-which is HOW CAN YOU SELL TO THEM without an email list, I just never had one. I believe back in the day you could subscribe to my blog on Blogger with one click. But I never had access to the email list. (Or if I did, I didn’t know how to access it.)

Finally a few reasons have fluttered to the top of the hill why I would like to curate my readers with subscription by email.

Direct connection with my readers.  If you subscribe, you can get my missives delivered right to your mail box.  You don’t have to check anywhere on the web to see what I have been up to.

The perfect example of this was a personal email, to me.  This is  Mountain Outpost with Jamil Coury and Schuyler Hill, You Tube channel.

I don’t hang out in You Tube (rurul bandwidth restrictions). I clicked the “subscribe” button on their You Tube Channel.  A week or two later, I got an email from Mountain Outpost. A new funny running related video was available. I got to giggle and smile on a Monday morning.

I  had totally forgotten about Jamil and Schuyler. I’m sure a running friend would have posted the link sooner or later, but I got the instant gratification of it dropping neatly into my in box. But with that email connected us again!

I want to be able to connect with my readers, you people out there! So go ahead and hit the subscribe button to have my posts just drop into your email——————>