No Need to Reinvent the Exercise Wheel



I’m back from Fitbloggin 16 and ready to flip the switch to getting fit again!

I attended all four of the Fitbloggin workouts.  I got quite the workout!  What I learned from these workouts is that I don’t need to rejoin the gym.

I  don’t have to reinvent the workout routine. There is no need to me to pick and choose this shoulder pull from this workout, this quad buster from that celeb workout.  I’m out of shape enough that any weight based exercise routine is going to work for me.

I am going to mix it up.  Monday is a trial of a run.  I haven’t run in a long time.  I’m going to run, perform my knee exercises, and if there is time, work on a Valslide’s circuit.  Valerie Waters was at Fitbloggin and I really liked the Valslides.

Tuesday is a bike ride and get my kayak registered so I can take it out of Salt Fork Lake.

Wednesday is a treadmill walk and get in a body weight circuit exercise routine.

Thursday is a bike ride, knee exercises, and core.

Friday is a run, knee exercises, and Valslide circuit.

Saturday is a bike ride and stretching.

Sunday is a hike and white water rafting day!

What’s on your exercise agenda for the week?

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