Halfway through the year and Project 50


It’s July, we are halfway through my fiftieth year!


How is it going? Well, other than a very slow rehab of my knee, Project 50 is going well.  It’s been a very cool project.  I’ve gone out and done things because they are on my list. Instead of just staying home and surfing the internet, I’ve gone to museums, orienteering.  Having an activity on The List is making me tick it off! I will be white water rafting at the end of the month!

What might not happen this year:

Visit 50 new parks to me. I haven’t hit one new park yet. I don’t see that happening.

Warrior Dash-I am bowing out of this one for right now. The Dash is in August. I am struggling with my knee.  I am trying to be gentle and easy on my knee. Trying to do low crawling and burpees just is not happening with my knee. I just want to be able to walk normally on my knee without any pain.

What I am working on:

Adopting a portion of the Buckeye Trail. Done! We’ve found our section of the trail.

Dog Scrapbook-I finally realized I can upload my numerous pics to one of the online photo places and print my pictures out for pennies rather than tax my poor little printer.

Wills-I really really need to get on the husband and myself for the will revision.  Right now, both executors of our wills are deceased.  Not that we would care (being dead) but someone would still have to sort out our estate.

Sock Monkey-I’m going to find the socks and attempt my Kimba designed sock monkey this month!

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