Project 50-Adopt a Trail

Adopt the Buckeye Trail

Project 50: I adopted a section of the Buckeye Trail for maintenance.

Buckeye Trail

How to Adopt the Trail

How hard was this? Not hard at all!  All you need to do is email the Buckeye Trail Volunteer Coordinator and tell them what section of trail you are interested in.  After a few emails to a few section supervisors, I have my 1.5 mile around Leesville Lake, an awesome single track trail section.

Leesville Lake


Trail Commitments

What is my commitment? “The off-road trail adopter must hike his or her trail at least 3 or 4 times a year so that they can ensure that the blazes are accurate and clear, that the hike is not a battle with thorns and other greenery and that the deadfall is removed or routed around. Even road sections need to be checked annually to ensure that the blazes are visible.”

A good excuse to go spend time in the woods, and help maintain a trail? It sounds like a win win for everyone!

Bridge on Buckeye Trail

The Buckeye Trail is a 1444 mile loop around the state of Ohio. It does not go through every county in the state.  There are many sections of the trail that are on road (boo) but there are great sections of single track-ask the folks who run on the  BT in the Cuyahoga National Park.  There is a wildly successful 50K there, called “The Buckeye Trail 50K” that has been going on for twenty-three years.

My Section

My section of trail is by the Leesville Lake in Harrison County. Although about thirty miles from my house, it takes about an hour drive. Yes, it’s one of the rural sections!

Leesville Lake Buckeye Trail

The husband came with me, which was for the best, as we had a bit of trouble locating the trailhead.


Luckily we did have the topo map.  That will be first task on trail day, make the turn into the woods a bit more noticable:

Autumn Road Buckeye Trail head

This section is in good shape!  It’s a well defined trail; there are only two spots where a side trail comes in.  One section is where you pop out of the woods into a private neighborhood.  You have to walk about twenty feet to find the trail marker.

Buckeye Trail Marker

I located a spot where a new blue blaze would take the eye into the correct direction.

South Fork Leesville Lake Marina

South Fork Leesville Lake Marina

This section of trail goes from Autumn Road to the South Fork Marina on Leesville Lake.   The Marina Trail  intersects with the Buckeye Trail and is blazed white.   There is a nice little sign at the trailhead indicating the way to the Buckeye Trail if you are hiking south.


Other than moving a few branches, this was just a “recce” trip for my husband and I. (It seems like he is interested in helping me out!)  We will return in a week or two to clear up some bigger branches and get a few new blue blazes painted.

Leesville Lake

Have you considered adopting a trail?


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    1. Kim Post author

      I had been meaning to do this for quite some time, I’m glad Project 50 has made me obtain some goals~! Thanks for visiting!

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    1. Kim Post author

      Yes! We won’t progress any where until we cross that magical little comfort zone line. Thanks for visiting!

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