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Project 50: Vegetarian for One Week Wrap up Report

Wrap Up Report

Day Seven of my Project 50 Go Vegetarian for One Week


One of my new favorites, hummus and tomatoes on toast. I had not tried this combination before!

hummus on toast


Lunch was after my 20K Race. I had made a tortilla with beans, rice, avocado, cheese,cilantro.  It stored in my cooler and was fine to eat cold. I also had a homemade cupcake at the race finish, very tasty!


Another favorite, Philly Cheesesteak with portobello mushroom.  Some salsa and chips.

Philly Cheesesteak phillysandwich

Wrap Up Report

Weight Change: Zero. Zip.

I can report that I felt no different not eating meat versus eating meat this week.  I may have thought about my food choices a bit more. I didn’t  eat that much differently.  The only new food I had was the cheese tortellini.

I thought maybe I would feel better, my health would improve, my skin would clear up (joke),  I’d start eating granola (another joke) but nope, no changes.

It was not that hard to do.  Would I recommend this to others? Heck yeah. What do you have to lose? You might find some tasty new favorite dish, or a new vegetable to love. Do it! It’s summertime! (here in Ohio) get out there and eat some great fresh vegetables!

Can you go meatless for one week?

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It’s Friday and Day Six of Vegetarian Week!

Day Six


peanut butter and banana

A favorite of Elvis and I: peanut butter banana sandwich.


Cheese Tortellini  (store bought) and home made marina sauce. No picture because it just didn’t photograph we


Sweet potato chips


The PB and banana sandwich didn’t sustain me too well, but I ate it about 8 am. I ended up eating smoked gouda cheese and melba toast, apple, fresh salsa and chips.

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Blackhand Gorge 20K Race Report

Starting Line

I completed another Project 50, Visit a New Trail, by running the Blackhand Gorge 20K.

Blackhand Gorge is a State Nature Preserve in Ohio.  There was an Indian petroglyph of a black hand,engraved on a massive sandstone cliff along the river. It pointed toward the flint ridges, six miles away.  It was destroyed in 1828 when canal builders dynamited the cliff for the construction of the Ohio-Erie Canal which runs through the gorge.

Blackhand Gorge Trail Race

My friend Luc is the race director of the Blackhand Gorge Trail Race where there is a 5K 10K and 20K staged on the three trails of the Blackhand Gorge Preservation.

I opted for the 20K to see how my knee would handle trails.  The 20K course takes us on three different trails, so Project 50 (visit a new trail) completed.

The first leg is down across the road, over to the O&E Lock.

Lock Sign Blackhand Gorge Race

top of lock

Run thru lock

We run through the Lock, very cool!
Tunnel Blackhand Gorge

We are on the Canal Lock Trail and the Marie Hickey Trail for these five miles.Marie Hickey Trail

Runners then return to the start/finish line, start down the bike path, then hop over to trail number two, Quarry Rim Trail.  We do get glimpses over the quarry through the trees. I would like to come back over here and explore.trail twoThis is a shorter trail, and ends back at the bike path, where the 10K runners turn left for the finish, and the 20K runners go right for more mileage.

20K Runners Blackhand Gorge

There is about one mile or so of asphalt bike trail before runners (well just little old me) turn left onto Chestnut Trail.  This will be a lollipop trail (an out and back with a loop at the far end).

Chestnut Trail

I run into a few runners coming back toward me.  One runner tells me earnestly “this is no joke!” and I laugh.  This trail has a big climb out, then you descend. Yuck. What goes down must go back up.  Where is this turn around?

Chestnut Trail

I get to the loop, and realize I should eat something. The half marathon last week I ate a Payday bar and a gel.  I don’t know why I thought I could get through a 20k trail race on less. I pulled out my Quest bar and ate it,  felt quite a bit better.

I finished the loop, and started up it again accidentally, about four steps.Wait, didn’t I just do this? I looked around. I then saw the sign and knew the correct way to go. Chestnut Loop Blackhand Gorge

Kelsey, the sweep was arriving and confirmed my direction. He let me know there was water back at the bike trail which was welcome news so I drained my water bladder on the trip back.

Single Trail Oak Trail

There was ice cold water back at the bike trail.  I ran to the turn around on the bike trail, and then headed for the finish line. Bike Trail

The bike trail runs along the Licking River. There were kayaks and tubers on the river. Licking River

bike trail

I was almost back to the finish line and could see the gorge/quarry on each side.  I tried to take a few pics but there was too many trees in the way. Then I was done! Last of the Gorgians!

This was a great race! Trail was well marked, volunteers were great, and I enjoyed the ice cold water.  I was glad to get out on new trails, and my knee allowed me to do so.  I highly recommend keeping this race on your August schedule. There is a 5K, 10K, and 20K, a race for everyone! Thanks Luc and all the volunteers!

Voluntters rock

Project 50 Day Five of Vegetarian Week

Day Five Vegetarian Week

It’s Day Five of Vegetarian Week!


Today was a favorite, butternut squash, goat cheese, caramelized onions on toasted baguette.

Breakfast Thursday


Main course was rice, pidgeon peas, sweet potato, pinto beans. After I heated this up I added chopped red onions, cilantro, and crumbled cheddar cheese.

Thursday Dinner

SInce it is still summertime and I have them, of course more caprese salad!!

Caprese Salad

Dessert was some ripe watermelon


Black bean brownies,  Black bean brownie

cherry tomatoes, pretzels with hummus, smoked gouda cheese, apple, Once I got home I had some freshly made salsa with chips.

How I Felt

Good. A little hungry before lunch, but I always am. I don’t feel any better-or worse- being meat free.

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Day Four Vegetarian Week

Day Four


I thought I would wake up hungry, but everything was normal. With my swollen left hand, I decided to nix the bike ride and work out of the morning.

Breakfast was rest of vegetable tian, polenta, eggs and goat cheese. YES it was a huge breakfast.  Breakfast Day FourI ate all of it.


I got to work and they sent me to the Urgicare for Xrays of my hand.

swollenhand hand

No worries, no breaks.  The swelling has diminished considerably.

This is another work day from 11am to 9 pm where I basically eat lunch/dinner about 330 pm.

Pidgeon peas are a legume. It is commonly used in Indian and Caribbean dishes. I’ve added rice,frijoles,cheese,cilantro.  I did not have large tortillas so I have two overstuffed burritos.

pidgeon pea burritoI have freshly made salsa and chips for lunch/dinner too.



Today  I will have hummus and veggies; pretzels; oyster crackers; cherry tomatoes

How I Felt

I have not been as organized as I wanted to be for this week. Hurting my dominant hand has not helped.  I felt like crap at work and consequently did not eat my hummus, veggies, crackers, or cherry tomatoes.  I don’t think this had anything to do with going meatless.  I also think my ragweed allergy is kicking in.


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Tuesday Day Three of Vegetarian Week

Day Three Vegetarian

This is my day OFF this week! (I work 4 ten hour shifts).  Food will change a bit today.


Two one slice toast. My German Shepherd puppy ate the other piece off the table when I was not looking.

I went out for a four mile run walk.  When my knee started hurting, I just  walked.  I returned from my walk and made my favorite meal, caprese salad.

caprese salad


The husband and I are going to go work on trail maintenance on the Buckeye Trail section we’ve adopted. I was a bit rushed and didn’t get to work on the spices that I wanted.


I blended up two peaches, banana, yogurt, orange juice and took my smoothie on the road with me.

We spent 3 1/2 hours repainting blazes, clearing overgrown sections and removing branches.  All went well.  We got back to my Ford Escape.  I managed to slam my hand into the rear hatch as I was closing it. Ouch.  Since we were leaving anyways, we were able to buy a bag of ice and keep that on my rapidly swelling hand.

Buckeye Trail


Dennis did make me my  Philly Cheesesteak with portobello mushrooms.  I did take a (poor) picture of a very good dinner.

Portobello Sandwich


How I felt

I was rushed at noon and ate too fast (since the Hubs wanted to leave earlier than expected.) I also didn’t  bring a snack with me.  I was hungry at the end of our 3.5 hour work on the trail (and I had walked 4 miles in the morning) so I was hungry at dinner time.

The last two days, I’ve been a bit hungry, but I don’t think that’s due to a lack of meat in my diet, it’s been a lack of time to eat.


Day One of Vegetarian Week

Day Two of  Vegetarian  Week

Monday Day Two Vegetarian Week



My vegetable tian with one egg. I ate half of this for breakfast. It’s zucchini, carrots, onions, sweet potato, tomato.

vegetable tian

I added my tomato-peach salad for breakfast.

tomato peach salad


This week I am working 11 am to 9 pm. This means I eat lunch/dinner around 330 pm. Yes, it does suck. This means I try to eat as late to 10 am as possible. Then I eat an apple about one o’clock, and maybe some pretzels/crackers before lunch/dinner at 330 pm.

Dinner is yesterday’s dinner, tofu & rice stir fry.

tofu stir fry

I also have my watermelon-feta salad. This is delicious. Just feta cheese, red onions, and watermelon. I added mint to the salad this week.

watermelon feta salad


I get bored working until 9 pm.  I usually eat two snacks, unless we are busy, from 6 to 8 pm.  This can be cheese, crackers, melba toasts, or veggies with hummus.  (This is my usual fare, no different with veggie week.)

How I Felt

I was a bit hungry before lunch at 330 pm, but I usually am.  The hummus and veggie snack at 8 pm helped a bit, as did my  leftover black bean brownie on the way home. I’m home now and a bit hungry, but it’s almost 10 pm so I am not eating again.

Tomorrow, Day Three, day off from work!

Day One