Day Four Vegetarian Week

Day Four


I thought I would wake up hungry, but everything was normal. With my swollen left hand, I decided to nix the bike ride and work out of the morning.

Breakfast was rest of vegetable tian, polenta, eggs and goat cheese. YES it was a huge breakfast.  Breakfast Day FourI ate all of it.


I got to work and they sent me to the Urgicare for Xrays of my hand.

swollenhand hand

No worries, no breaks.  The swelling has diminished considerably.

This is another work day from 11am to 9 pm where I basically eat lunch/dinner about 330 pm.

Pidgeon peas are a legume. It is commonly used in Indian and Caribbean dishes. I’ve added rice,frijoles,cheese,cilantro.  I did not have large tortillas so I have two overstuffed burritos.

pidgeon pea burritoI have freshly made salsa and chips for lunch/dinner too.



Today  I will have hummus and veggies; pretzels; oyster crackers; cherry tomatoes

How I Felt

I have not been as organized as I wanted to be for this week. Hurting my dominant hand has not helped.  I felt like crap at work and consequently did not eat my hummus, veggies, crackers, or cherry tomatoes.  I don’t think this had anything to do with going meatless.  I also think my ragweed allergy is kicking in.


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3 thoughts on “Day Four Vegetarian Week

  1. green diva meg

    i’ve been a vegetarian for many years. i could live the rest of my life w/out ever eating meat, but i know it is harder for others. it is sooooo good for our health AND the environment! more plant-based foods, less pollution and definitely happier body!

  2. penpen

    Good on you for trying it for a week. One day at a time–that’s my motto for going veggie. My daughter and her family are vegans. Vegetarian is a piece of cake [carrot preferably] compared to no-egg, no-cheese, no-yogurt vegans.

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