Favorite Podcasts 2016 Edition

favorite podcasts 2016


It’s time for my annual favorite podcasts! I find this an interesting task. Some podcasts have been on the list for ages; some old favorites have dropped off the list.

My Favorite Listens in 2016:


Marathon Talk :  Martin Yelling and Tom Williams create a very well produced weekly podcast on marathon running. There is a featured interview each week, and there are recaps of the big marathon weekends.

Talk Ultra  an ultra running podcast!   It is Euro-based, so that is cool to get some different intel on running outside of the US.  Ian Corless is the host of this, with usually 1 or 2 interviews, and usually with some interviews pre-race and post-race.

Embrace Running:  They just talk about their week in training, what races they have done and the experiences that they have.

Trail Runner Nation:  A  lively podcast centered on the West Coast (of the US) usually pretty interesting, If you are interested in Western States listen here.

Ultrarunner Podcast  Eric Schranz gets some good interviews with timely ultra runners, sometimes right after a big race.

Running on Om you don’t have to be a yogi or runner to listen, but it would probably help. Some good interviews lately with Zach Miller and Jeff Browning


The Dirtbag Diaries:  Real Life Stories from Fitz Cahall.  Outdoor stories about..everything.  Some are very short, some long.  If you like the outdoor life, you will appreciate the Dirtbag Diaries.

IM Talk Bevan James Eyles and John Newsom host this triathlon podcast from New Zealand.

Zen and the Art of Triathlon:  I have listened to Brent Blanckner’s podcast for years! It’s one of the oldest triathlon podcasts out there.  Sometimes there is an interview, many times it’s just Brett taking us along with him on his training

The Enormocast:  It’s a podcast about rock climbing.  Even if you don’t rock climb (and I don’t) it’s still very cool to listen to. Chris Kalous is very entertaining.

Mountain Meister; the podcast that explores the minds of those who explore; interviews with mountaineers and other outside folk

Social Media

Probloggerwhy of course this one is on the List! I started listening to Darren when I ran across his series “30 Days to a Better Blog”.  Every time I listen to an episode I’m inspired to return home and write write write! (Sometimes I even do it!)

She Podcasts-yes one day I will start my podcast, in the meantime listen to She Podcast: In the spirit of further support, a podcast was created to address issues and podcasting current events as they relate to women

Biz Chix Podcast   Natalie Eckdahl interviews successful women across the globe and learn how they are growing their businesses, turning ideas into actionable results, maintaining their relationships, helping others, organizing their lives and making it all work.

Social Media Hour in my quest to educate myself more about social media, this is a fun, casual informative podcast about you guessed it, all social media

Any podcasts to recommend to add to my Zune??






2 thoughts on “Favorite Podcasts 2016 Edition

  1. Mike

    I can’t wait to give some of these a listen! As a trail runner and triathlete, I have heard a few episodes of Zen and the Art of Triathlon, but not the others. One podcast you might consider checking out is Endurance Planet. They talk about all things endurance and have great interviews.

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