Monday Day Two Vegetarian Week



My vegetable tian with one egg. I ate half of this for breakfast. It’s zucchini, carrots, onions, sweet potato, tomato.

vegetable tian

I added my tomato-peach salad for breakfast.

tomato peach salad


This week I am working 11 am to 9 pm. This means I eat lunch/dinner around 330 pm. Yes, it does suck. This means I try to eat as late to 10 am as possible. Then I eat an apple about one o’clock, and maybe some pretzels/crackers before lunch/dinner at 330 pm.

Dinner is yesterday’s dinner, tofu & rice stir fry.

tofu stir fry

I also have my watermelon-feta salad. This is delicious. Just feta cheese, red onions, and watermelon. I added mint to the salad this week.

watermelon feta salad


I get bored working until 9 pm.  I usually eat two snacks, unless we are busy, from 6 to 8 pm.  This can be cheese, crackers, melba toasts, or veggies with hummus.  (This is my usual fare, no different with veggie week.)

How I Felt

I was a bit hungry before lunch at 330 pm, but I usually am.  The hummus and veggie snack at 8 pm helped a bit, as did my  leftover black bean brownie on the way home. I’m home now and a bit hungry, but it’s almost 10 pm so I am not eating again.

Tomorrow, Day Three, day off from work!

Day One

3 thoughts on “Monday Day Two Vegetarian Week

  1. Suzanne Fluhr

    I think I could eat vegetarian for a week. We eat less meat in general these days—just because. I find I do more “grazing”, however, to keep from feeling overly hungry. Black bean brownies sound interesting. I find I can add beans to lots of different foods where one wouldn’t expect to find them. When I worked super full time outside the home, it was more difficult for me to maintain any kind of eating program. I think a lot of that was psychological—not to mention the doughnuts people kept leaving in the break room. 😉


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