Project 50-Grow Some Awesome Sunflowers

sunflowersOne of my simpler Project 50 was to grow some awesome sunflowers.  Sunflowers may be my favorite summer flower. Daffodils are my spring favorites.  Sunflowers are not difficult to grow.

sunflower seedlings

But my idea of growing awesome sunflowers and what I actually grew were two separate experiences.

My vision looked like this: 

imagined sunflowers

What I grew:


Some of my sunflowers were planted outside of the fence,  hence easy targets for deer. In this location they didn’t get much attention or water.

lower sunflowers

My “Elf” perception: elf sunflowers

My “Elf” sunflowers were planted in the raised beds around the house. But they were growing BIG and crowding out vegetables we could eat.  I transplanted them into pots. The Elves did not seem to like this, angrily (I think) turning leaves brown.

sunflowers I also had to rely on the Hubs to water a non-eating plant (he only likes plants he can eat).  I think the Elves struggled a bit.

porch sunflower

I never got to the point where I could harvest a nice bouquet of sunflowers.  The birds were already (yay to them!) eating the sunflower seeds.


I cheated a bit. I added some black eyed susan flowers (which grow everywhere!) to my vase.

sunflowersl really wanted more! more! more! sunflowers.  I will try again next spring to grow that magnificent field (or photoshop a little patch to look like a big field.)

Grow any new flowers this year? How did your flowers do this summer?

4 thoughts on “Project 50-Grow Some Awesome Sunflowers

  1. Brandie

    We grew sunflowers this year as well, they turned out pretty ok, we grew them in our garden with the veggies. They grew super tall but the flowers, although they grew large enough to develop sunflower seeds, the seeds weren’t large enough to harvest and eat. So slightly disappointing. But beautiful none the less for the summer.

    Since they were in our veggie garden they received a well fertilized soil, and plant food, plus extra watering and bug begone stuff. I don’t know if that made a difference in how they produced.


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