Project 50: Vegetarian for One Week Wrap up Report

Wrap Up Report

Day Seven of my Project 50 Go Vegetarian for One Week


One of my new favorites, hummus and tomatoes on toast. I had not tried this combination before!

hummus on toast


Lunch was after my 20K Race. I had made a tortilla with beans, rice, avocado, cheese,cilantro.  It stored in my cooler and was fine to eat cold. I also had a homemade cupcake at the race finish, very tasty!


Another favorite, Philly Cheesesteak with portobello mushroom.  Some salsa and chips.

Philly Cheesesteak phillysandwich

Wrap Up Report

Weight Change: Zero. Zip.

I can report that I felt no different not eating meat versus eating meat this week.  I may have thought about my food choices a bit more. I didn’t  eat that much differently.  The only new food I had was the cheese tortellini.

I thought maybe I would feel better, my health would improve, my skin would clear up (joke),  I’d start eating granola (another joke) but nope, no changes.

It was not that hard to do.  Would I recommend this to others? Heck yeah. What do you have to lose? You might find some tasty new favorite dish, or a new vegetable to love. Do it! It’s summertime! (here in Ohio) get out there and eat some great fresh vegetables!

Can you go meatless for one week?

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