Staying in the Moment for the Perseid Shower

Another Project 50 completed! I saw the Perseid Shower!


The original plan was to take my tent up to the high point of our property. I mowed a spot for it last week.

tent spot

Then I let the husband talk me out of it with mentioning the heat, the bugs, etc.  So I just set the alarm clock for midnight and slept in the house.

The moon was still high,  I reset the alarm  for 1250 am. The moon was still in the sky, but heading toward setting.  There was some light pollution from the west, but I was too lazy to go walking up to the top of the hill in the dark.

Whee! There went a light! Perseid, we are on!  I settle down in my lawn chair.

And wait.  Then I move the chair to another spot in the yard. And wait. Okay, there’s number two and three!

Watching for meteors is very much an in the moment activity.   It takes patience.

I’m not sure what I was expecting.   Reading about the Persiede Shower on line made it sound like this was going to be the best shower ever.  There could also have been too much light pollution, and I couldn’t simply see the shooting stars.

It wasn’t a bad time outside.  The bugs were all singing at the top of their lungs, the heat and humidity wrapped itself around me like a natural blanket, but it wasn’t an unpleasant warmth at 1 am.

After a short time, a buzzing started around my ear and the first mosquito bit me.  I decided, since I had to get up for work in three hours, to head back inside.

My count? 15 shooting stars for 30 minutes. I guess that wasn’t bad, given that on peak dates the sky show can produce 60 to 100 meteors an hour.

Did you watch the Perseid Shower? What was your shooting star count?

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