Tuesday Day Three of Vegetarian Week

Day Three Vegetarian

This is my day OFF this week! (I work 4 ten hour shifts).  Food will change a bit today.


Two one slice toast. My German Shepherd puppy ate the other piece off the table when I was not looking.

I went out for a four mile run walk.  When my knee started hurting, I just  walked.  I returned from my walk and made my favorite meal, caprese salad.

caprese salad


The husband and I are going to go work on trail maintenance on the Buckeye Trail section we’ve adopted. I was a bit rushed and didn’t get to work on the spices that I wanted.


I blended up two peaches, banana, yogurt, orange juice and took my smoothie on the road with me.

We spent 3 1/2 hours repainting blazes, clearing overgrown sections and removing branches.  All went well.  We got back to my Ford Escape.  I managed to slam my hand into the rear hatch as I was closing it. Ouch.  Since we were leaving anyways, we were able to buy a bag of ice and keep that on my rapidly swelling hand.

Buckeye Trail


Dennis did make me my  Philly Cheesesteak with portobello mushrooms.  I did take a (poor) picture of a very good dinner.

Portobello Sandwich


How I felt

I was rushed at noon and ate too fast (since the Hubs wanted to leave earlier than expected.) I also didn’t  bring a snack with me.  I was hungry at the end of our 3.5 hour work on the trail (and I had walked 4 miles in the morning) so I was hungry at dinner time.

The last two days, I’ve been a bit hungry, but I don’t think that’s due to a lack of meat in my diet, it’s been a lack of time to eat.


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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Day Three of Vegetarian Week

  1. Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home

    I got hungry after reading that you ate one slice of toast for breakfast! I’d be so hungry after that. Have you considered making smoothies for breakfast? I make them for my son using all kinds of fruits/veggies but I always make sure to put in some protein (kefir or yogurt) to make sure it stays with him all morning.

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