Ziplining with Dad on his 79th Birthday

Ziplining at The Wilds


A Project 50 goal was to go ziplining. I thought my dad would enjoy it.  What can one get a 79 year old man? Experiences.  I’ve been more interested in experiences lately than *stuff*.

The Wilds Zipline Tour

There is a cool place called The Wilds which is only one hour from me.  This is where I experienced my very first trail race back in 2006. I’ve actually never gone on any tours there. My father and I signed up for the zipline, while my mother and husband went on the open air safari ride.

Our tour guides were Dan and Jake. They were very responsible yet funny.  They explained at each tower what we were zipping next. ziplining guide  They were very conscious of safety-mainly this is a concern when braking, you can’t fall out of these super harnesses you are in!  Yes, we are going across that lake!

Our tour was just four people plus our guides.  A tour can take up to nine people at a time.  Your experience will take longer, as nine people have to be clipped in and sent, then caught and unclipped at the other end.  Our tour went a little quicker.

Ziplining at The Wilds

Outside the Comfort Zone..a little

I am not exactly afraid of heights but wasn’t that comfortable on the first one or two towers.  Zipping was fine, once you step off the platform, you GO! Zip! By the time you are looking around, you are about at the next tower and time to brake!  I got more comfortable standing on the towers as the tour progressed.  There is a total of ten zip lines, and then you rapel off the last tower.
we came from there!

I think I got a bit more comfortable about halfway through the tour.  I got the idea of braking better and getting back up on each tower.  It was fun!

Dad ziplining

My dad had a great time too! He is a very active 79 year old, just finished softball season.  There is no reason to let age deter you from experiencing some new activities.  I could have bought him a new wrench for his birthday but I think both of us had a much better time together hanging out in the trees.

Dad and Daughter safely down!

Happy Birthday Dad!

P.S. He mentioned jumping out of an airplane…

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