Project 50 Paint a Picture

Project 50 Paint a Picture

I didn’t say it had to be a good painting.

Painting Almost Finished

I wanted to go to one of those “paint and drink wine” sessions, but since I live in the boonies, it would be an hour to two hour drive to attend a session. So I started to look into calming painting methods and came across the likes of diamond painting, you basically start painting with shiny stones to create your picture, so something I might look at is the likes of this diamond painting storage to create my own storage space for the diamond supplies!

Painting in any kind of way can be so relaxing though. I have had friends that enjoy to express themselves through oil paints, painting on glass is becoming popular. There are many ways to express your inner artistic these days. With acrylic paints for glass you can create some awesome looking stainless glass effects. It can be so rewarding to know that you decorated your home by yourself with some great looking art you made. You don’t have to display it though. It is all about having a bit of fun!

Do it Just Paint!!

I knew what I wanted to paint-a picture of our lawn chairs where we sit and drink wine and gaze upon our “back forty”. I tried several times to get some pictures to use as models.

chairsThen I just painted. I sketched out a few rough lines of chairs and trees on my paint board (a recycled piece of white posterboard from work) and began.
Beginning of PaintinglIt was nice to just sit on the couch, painting on the coffee table, and just dab away. Occasionally there was a 110 pound puppy with a cone on his head on my lap.

Painting Next Step Remember there are no rules. Paint away.Painting Almost Finished

I may hang this in my downstairs bathroom..that nobody uses but me. 🙂

Have you ever painted a picture?

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