Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Runners

Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Runners

Christmas is getting closer.  Do you need a few ideas for stocking stuffers?  Do you have a runner or hiker to buy for? You’re in luck! Here are a few ideas for that runner in your life!

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SPI Belt

I have been using my SPI Belt more often for runs and bike rides as I fit my cell phone and Zune into it and extract the items easy than my Flip Belt.  What does SPI stand for? Small Personal Items.

The Flip Belt is nice if you just need to tuck your keys and phone in at the start of your run and leave them there.


Nuun is little disks of electrolytes fizzies. These are tasty disks to add to your water to jazz it up a bit.  I know I would like a few of these in my stocking.


All runners need socks. Yes, socks can cost around fifteen bucks a pair. Drymax socks are worth every penny. Your feet is the most  important part of your runner.


Clif Blocks are little food replacements that a runner can easily carry along on their race.


My favorite present ever! I get at least one or two a year (because I buy them myself and then give to my husband to surprise me on my birthday or Christmas where I’ve long since forgotten about) You can wear the Buff as a hat, headband, neck gaiter and about twelve other ways.  My most favorite piece of trail gear.

Do you have any items I should add to my wish list for Santa? Drop a line below!



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