Project 50 Cook Dinner for my Husband

Cook a Meal for my Hubby

My husband does 99% of the cooking. He enjoys cooking. It’s a passion. I, on the other hand, find it more of a chore. I am a good cook. I can make good food. My husband works from home and cooking always falls to him.

One of my Project 50 Goals was to cook a meal for my husband.  I thought I would make him something exotic, or rich, like steak or something great. What did he want?

Nacho casserole.

Nacho casserole

When we lived in Litchfield, and I was very fat and not paying attention to our health (neither was my husband) we would have nacho casserole at least once a week.  What is nacho casserole?  You layer tortilla chips, ground turkey (that was my *healthy* ingredient) cheese, black beans, corn, salsa. Make at least two layers. Heap more cheese on the top, bake.  I would make a huge casserole (the casserole dish was double the size of the one I used today).

You know what? It was really good. We both immediately went into a foodNacho Casserole coma.  I was glad I had prepared the cheese platter a few hours before and we nibbled on.

Cheese Plate


The cheese platter was meant for dessert and after nacho casserole, you really didn’t need dessert.

Dennis Birthday

Happy Birthday to my hubs! Make them what they want to eat!


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