Project 50-Pop Music


Pop Music

This was a tough one folks! I have liked about one “popular” song every decade. I decided to try to put my disdain for pop music aside.

Pop Music

How to find pop  music?  it’s no problem to find and listen to pop music. But to know who the artist is, when you’ve had your head in the sand for decades, that’s another challenge.  Just for example, I could listen to a pop song and not be able to tell you if it’s Beyonce, Lady Gaga, or any other big name.  (The Kardashians don’t sing, right?)

Input-I asked for input from friends via the internet.  That was a good idea! I was then able to go to You Tube and type in titles and listen.

Research You Tube as the Search Engine  I typed  American Top Forty into the search which gave me the top songs of the week.

I spent some of my lunch hour listening to insipid music on my phone.  Some songs I managed to get through the whole song, I tried to give each song at least one minute through before I just gave up.

My results?

I WINS all the prizes as I discovered Hamilton: An American Musical.  That will be a separate post all on it’s own.

The OTHER popular songs I found?

Fight Song  Yes I did discover this via the TV commercial.  But I did really like it.

Ex’s and Oh’s  This song was okay. Meaning I could listen to it at least twice or so.

Can we count “I’ve Loved You All over the World”? despite it being released in 1998? I never  heard it until this year.  You know it better as “My Buddy My Pal My Friend” part of the Subaru commercial.


There you go, a few songs (and ALL of Hamilton soundtrack!!) for 2016!

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