Tips to Survive NaBloPoMo

Tips to Survive NaBloPoMo


It’s Day 22!  Happy NaBloPoMo!!

I’m still doing it! How are you doing? Generally the first few days of the month are good, then content gets increasingly harder to come by; time seems to shrink away, and then you realize you have absolutely no pictures ready to go with that kind of lame-o post that you just made  up in the nick of time! #firstworldNaBloPoMoproblems.

 Here are some tips to survive NaBloPoMo:

  1. Have some scheduled posts to fall back on. I’ve been lucky, I have my Project 50 this year. I had written up my post on oil pulling in the summer, and just stuck it in for late November posting.  I hit writer’s block for a “Five for Friday” post, so I ended up sticking the Oil Pulling Post for that Friday.  I’ve got a few weeks to come up with my “five” (I guess I could call it Four for Friday).
  2. Schedule posts! I don’t call this cheating.  After all, you wrote the post.  I don’t believe it counts if you wrote the entire post on the same day AND published it.  After all, isn’t that called editing? Writing a post, leaving it, and coming back to it later to edit and polish? I was out of town for Slim Pickins weekend, and made sure I had posts scheduled for publishing for that Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Use holidays and official days for prompts! In November, there has been Nature Recycle Day and Take a Hike Day.  There is Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday which pretty much creates posts by themselves.  I plan to write one post about Favorite Best/Worst Thanksgiving dishes (I think this is a Blogher prompt), a Thanksgiving Day post, and an #optoutside post.  There’s three days of almost automatic prompts!
  4. Take any spare bits of time and start posts! I usually have quite a collection of draft posts. Some are sometimes no more than a title. With NaBloPoMo, it gave me the incentive to start working and fleshing out old posts. If you have a little bit of time, work on a few  posts.  You don’t have to finish them…unless it’s NaBloPoMo and you need that post!
  5. Then there’s the NaBloPoMo post to write! Boom! Another day down!

How is your NaBloPoMo going? Are you making it through the month?

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