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Project 50: Send Cards via Snail Mail

Snail Mail


This was my Project 50: Send a note/postcard/funny card every month to both sets of parents (in addition to birthdays/anniversary) and my nephew

I am happy to say success! This was an attempt to stay in better touch with the parents and my nephew. I am a horrible phone person-that means I don’t call  people enough. But  I was able to send a card of some sort, every month to my relations to let them know I was thinking of them.

There’s a Card for That

I found that there is usually a card, every month for some holiday. I found out that cards are pretty expensive these days!

Coolest Cards

I found a web site called Love Pop Cards which makes 3-D pop up greeting cards. These are not cheap! You have to realize the card is actually a gift to the person.  I didn’t take any pictures of the cards that I bought and sent, these pics are from their website


Love Pop CardLove Pop Card


No affiliate sales link, I just like their product.  In fact, they have new designs on their website since I purchased my Halloween and Christmas cards.

I enjoyed sending cards this year. I think I am going to keep up this new tradition!

Do you send cards through the US Mail? Do you like getting a  paper greeting card?

Project 50: Figure Out Instagram

Figure out Instagram

I did it! I figured out Instagram! I have no crushing secrets to give you or insightful tips on how to boost your instagram followers. Although, I have been told that using an instagram growth service yields good results. My goal was to simply figure out how to enjoy Instagram. In 2015, I just didn’t see the appeal of just pictures. I’m a writer, I like words! With Instagram being so popular, a zillion people couldn’t be wrong.

Use the Search Bar

Use the search bar of things you are interested it. You might want to throw a hashtag in front of it. You might want to search several terms that are related

Find German Shepherd dogs (or something that is interesting to you) to Follow

Really, this brightened up my Insta feed. Dogs have their own Insta followers, did you know that? My IG became far more interesting when random GS dogs drop by for a visit. Use terms like #germanshepherddog

Unfollow People if they bore you

I was following a person who seemed to snap a pic every three minutes and throw it on IG. (This was the old feed) She clogged up my IG surfing time. Once I removed her, more dogs emerged on my feed and I was happy.

More Hashtags is Better

Somone has done the homework that says photos with eleven or mo hashtags perform better. Wow. I feel proud if I can come up with at least three.

You should follow me on Instagram!

My handle is

How To Choose Your Word of the Year

How to Pick Your Word for the Year Ahead


It’s a  popular activity to pick a “word” for your next year, to find one word that can be your focus, your mantra, the word that will guide you through the whole year.  I’ve been doing this for the last five or six years. Sometimes the word works, sometimes it does not.  My 2016 word was “Try” which was very fitting with my Project 50.  2016 has also become a “trying” year for me as I struggled to re-imagine myself as a different athlete.

I usually work through either Christine Kane’s document or Susannah Conway’s document.  I have a file folder called WORD and I re-use my print outs from previous years.  I found another good blog post from Elise Musele.

Word of the Year

I went through both Christine and Susannah’s documents on a long drive (I wasn’t driving) and I did come up with my Word for 2017.


I had originally adopted “accept”.  But that word is too passive for me. It just didn’t feel right. But now, embrace does.

hold (someone) closely in one’s arms

accept or support (a belief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically.

an act of holding  closely in one’s arms.
an act of accepting or supporting something willingly or enthusiastically

It’s basically accept with enthusiasm. I’m sure I’m going to face some different paths and challenges in 2017, and I want to do my best to “embrace” these new issues.

What is Your Word for 2017?

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

These were ornaments my mom made from a kit around 1970. These were my favorite ornaments. I loved to just play with them, like dolls, inventing stories and adventures for them. I’m happy and grateful she has given them to me.

Clothespin Ornaments

Perhaps I will do a little first aid on them, as many are missing limbs (probably due to my playing with them) and make a nice Christmas display case for them.

Do you have a favorite ornament from your childhood?

Merry Christmas!

Project 50: Grow a New Vegetable

This summer I wanted to grow a new vegetable.  I had two planned: radishes in the early spring, and brussel sprouts for the fall.

Results: I did not know how freaking easy it is to grow radishes.  Sow the seeds in the ground and just a few weeks later, voila! radishes.  I am a bad blogger; I have no pictures of said vegetable.

Brussel Sprouts: Major fail. I did not even get them to sprout. Or if they did, I did not know what the tiny plants looked like. I blame my puppy for sneaking into the garden bed and causing mayhem.

You know what I do have pictures of? My cantelope that I grew!  That was a new fruit that I grew! So double win with the radishes and cantelope!

home grown cantelope

home grown cantelope

However, I only got one fruit per vine. Is this normal? I did plant these in the raised beds around our porch, and tied the vines vertically.  These were no maintenance plants, so perhaps I will grow these again.
home grown cantelope lope4

Any luck with a new fruit or vegetable for you this past year? It’s almost time to think of the spring seed catalogs!


Women Wednesday Records Fall

Records Fall

TWO of Ann Trason records were broken this past weekend.

Ann Trason

Ann Trason is the best female ultra runner. She won Western States 14 times, Comrades marathon twice, Leadville 100 four times, 100K World Championship twice; and set 20 world records. Check out her results on Ultrasignup: all you are going to see are first (and a few second) place finishes. No runner will even get close to the amount of wins that Trason holds.

Gina Slaby

Gina Slaby breaks Ann Trason’s world record for 100 miles-13:45:49 at the Desert Solstice.

Slaby is from New York and never ran in high school or college.  She took the sport us prior to enlisting in the Navy to handle the training standards.

Slaby ran in the Olympic Trials in both 2012 and 2016.  From her Ultrasignupprofile, every ultra she has entered-she has won.  Some of her 100 mile race wins  were Vermont 100 in July 2016, Lumberjack 100, Capital Reef Ultras, HURT 100. That shows quite a contrast, from rooty technical HURT to the more gentle surfaces of Vermont and now the track Desert Solstice.

Caroline Boller

Caroline Boller smashes American 50 mile trail record in 5:48:01 at Brazos Bend 50, the previous record was  6:14 by Ann Trason. She also won the race outright (meaning she beat the men and the women) AND set the course record at Brazos Bend.

This was just a short time interval from her new Masters Course Record, 6.32.36 at the JFK 50 Mile in November.  Which was just seven days out from her performance at the IAU 50K R oad World Championships , Doha, Qatar, where she finished 16th. It’s been two fast months for her!

Boller has had a very busy productive year,  2016 Olympic Trials, finished 12th at Western States, 1st place at the Mokelumne River 50K, Annadel Half Marathon, Caumsett 50K USATF National Road Championships.  She set course records at Mokelumne, and Masters American Record at Caumsett.

Boller (per her website)  did not take up running regularly until she was 38!  Boller writes great race recaps, I can’t wait to hear her Brazos Bend Record Breaker Report.

This was a great weekend of racing for the women!

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