My Gingerbread House of Hubris

My Gingerbread House of Hubris

Gingerbread house of hubris

I had high hopes for my first gingerbread house building from scratch. I was going to take it easy; be methodical and patient, and create a Pinterest-worthy first home.

I mixed up my dough, following the recipe.  I don’t have large cookie sheets so I knew this would take multiple baking.  I mixed up my dough, and cut out the template. I saw that the template was only going to build a 3 inch tall house-so I doubled the template. I wanted a big house!
I only have two cookie sheets so I was baking a wall at a time. I got pretty bored with this cooking task (that’s what happens with all my cooking activities) and decided I would make the roof out of cardboard.

Cracks in the Foundation

I will admit I didn’t roll the chilled dough out that well. The dough was sticking to my rolling pin, and my cookie sheets have lips on the sides, so I rolled it out as best I could.

After baking, I broke both walls trying to get it off the tin foil. Uh oh.

Broken gingerbread wallSidwall

Undaunted, I decided to icing glue the sides to a light cardboard paper for better stability. Then I left the gingerbread structure  alone overnight to dry out more. Note: Your guest room will smell all gingerbready and spicy when you leave the house in there! (Away from dogs).  Jules my helper

Roof Issues

The next day, I glued the house together. It seemed to be doing okay.

The gingerbread house of hubris
Then came the roof.

It seem the peaks were off kilter. Probably due to my “measure once, cut once”. I had trouble pressing the cardboard onto the peak. I got the cheap cinnamon graham crackers out. How on earth was I going to layer these on the roof to make them look like shingles?

I glued one row to the bottom of one side of the roof. The roof promptly  fell off.  All four sides of the house  started to teeter, then collapsed.

I burst into laughter. This really was becoming a train wreck. I decided to retire the walls to the guest room for another construction day, the next day.

Round Two

Out came the walls again. I lined them up, applied the icing glue. One piece of the gingerbread wall broke off.

I admitted defeat. I did have my little pre-fab houses, that I had scoffed, to decorate.

Over the fence went the gingerbread walls.  Perhaps the wild animals liked their little gingerbread treat.

So there lies my tale of gingerbread house of hubris. It’s not as easy as it looks.  My tip: buy the little box of pre-made, pre-baked, pre-fabricated gingerbread houses gingerbread house to decorate. It’s much more fun and far less work!

Have you made a gingerbread house from scratch? Did you succeed? I’d like to see pictures!

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