Project 50: Figure Out Instagram


Figure out Instagram

I did it! I figured out Instagram! I have no crushing secrets to give you or insightful tips on how to grow your following. Although, I have been told that using an instagram growth service yields good results. My goal was to simply figure out how to enjoy Instagram. In 2015, I just didn’t see the appeal of just pictures. I’m a writer, I like words! With Instagram being so popular, a zillion people couldn’t be wrong.

Use the Search Bar

Use the search bar of things you are interested it. You might want to throw a hashtag in front of it. You might want to search several terms that are related

Find German Shepherd dogs (or something that is interesting to you) to Follow

Really, this brightened up my Insta feed. Dogs have their own Insta followers, did you know that? My IG became far more interesting when random GS dogs drop by for a visit. Use terms like #germanshepherddog

Unfollow People if they bore you

I was following a person who seemed to snap a pic every three minutes and throw it on IG. (This was the old feed) She clogged up my IG surfing time. Once I removed her, more dogs emerged on my feed and I was happy.

More Hashtags is Better

Somone has done the homework that says photos with eleven or mo hashtags perform better. Wow. I feel proud if I can come up with at least three.

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