Project 50: Grow a New Vegetable

This summer I wanted to grow a new vegetable.  I had two planned: radishes in the early spring, and brussel sprouts for the fall.

Results: I did not know how freaking easy it is to grow radishes.  Sow the seeds in the ground and just a few weeks later, voila! radishes.  I am a bad blogger; I have no pictures of said vegetable.

Brussel Sprouts: Major fail. I did not even get them to sprout. Or if they did, I did not know what the tiny plants looked like. I blame my puppy for sneaking into the garden bed and causing mayhem.

You know what I do have pictures of? My cantelope that I grew!  That was a new fruit that I grew! So double win with the radishes and cantelope!

home grown cantelope

home grown cantelope

However, I only got one fruit per vine. Is this normal? I did plant these in the raised beds around our porch, and tied the vines vertically.  These were no maintenance plants, so perhaps I will grow these again.
home grown cantelope lope4

Any luck with a new fruit or vegetable for you this past year? It’s almost time to think of the spring seed catalogs!


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