Project 50: Ride My Bike on a Mountain Bike Trail

Mountain Bike Trail


I did it! I made it to a mountain bike trail! I have to admit, it was pretty fun. I may have a new outside sport. I only started riding my bike after my knee surgery in May. I wasn’t very comfortable on the bike.  I have kept riding. I’ve gradually gotten a bit more seasonsed riding the bike.

Camp Tuscazoar

Camp Tuscazoar

The Dirt Line Community has been building great trails at Camp Tuscazoar that I have been running on the last few years. I learned they were building “beginner” trails on the east side of the camp-just what I need! I was able to get out and help build trail.  We’re not done building trails there, we can still use help!

I had a day off from work, it was sixty degrees outside, a weekday, a perfect chance to try out the new trail.  Off I went! It was fun! I think I had my bike in granny gear the entire time.  I need to have some work done on my brakes.  But I liked it enough that I could see myself biking much more on trails!

I didn’t go far. The trail was a bit too soft, as it had rained overnight, and I didn’t want to cause damage.  I could tell what fun this could be if the trail was dry.

Bike WashNow I will have something to look forward to as I ride my bike on the trainer this winter!

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