Project 50-Set a New Personal Record

PR in the United States means “personal record”.  The Brits will say “PB” for “personal best”.

Personal Record

One of my Project 50 was to set a new personal record.  At the time, it was thought I would do this running. Whether it be break 24 hours at Umstead, or a new PR at the 100 mile distance, or maybe beat my 5K or 50 mile time.

Knee surgery and osteoarthritis entered my life. I have set new PR’s. They’ve been on the bike  and not the run.

It’s kind of cool tackling a new activity. Every distance is a PR.  4 miles, six miles, ten miles! These are all the farthest distances I’ve biked before.

PR Bike Distance: 12.7 miles!! Woohoo! Yay me!!

It is a good milestone to have. I hope to look back on this in December 2017 and reflect how far I have gone. I  intend on completing a century (100 miles) ride in 2017.

Have you set a personal record or personal best this year?

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