Project 50: Send Cards via Snail Mail

Snail Mail


This was my Project 50: Send a note/postcard/funny card every month to both sets of parents (in addition to birthdays/anniversary) and my nephew

I am happy to say success! This was an attempt to stay in better touch with the parents and my nephew. I am a horrible phone person-that means I don’t call  people enough. But  I was able to send a card of some sort, every month to my relations to let them know I was thinking of them.

There’s a Card for That

I found that there is usually a card, every month for some holiday. I found out that cards are pretty expensive these days!

Coolest Cards

I found a web site called Love Pop Cards which makes 3-D pop up greeting cards. These are not cheap! You have to realize the card is actually a gift to the person.  I didn’t take any pictures of the cards that I bought and sent, these pics are from their website


Love Pop CardLove Pop Card


No affiliate sales link, I just like their product.  In fact, they have new designs on their website since I purchased my Halloween and Christmas cards.

I enjoyed sending cards this year. I think I am going to keep up this new tradition!

Do you send cards through the US Mail? Do you like getting a  paper greeting card?

3 thoughts on “Project 50: Send Cards via Snail Mail

  1. Carlie

    I love sending and receiving cards! I wrote about this recently (about holiday cards, specifically) and in doing some research realized that sending snail mail cards is a dying practice and something mainly embraced by those over 40! I do believe a card is a gift…it’s always an awesome day if you get a card in the mailbox! (Rather than the usual “junk” mail or bills.)


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