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Happy Birthday to ME

Happy Birthday to ME

Happy Birthday to MEIt’s my 51st birthday.  No nice Caribbean trip this year, but I am not working today and just enjoying MY day.

4th Birthday

My 4th Birthday


I did get a cake again this year. The candles were not my idea.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake


The only day of the year I read horoscopes is on my birthday. Pretty happy with scopes I gathered around the internet:

“..Build up your strength to support your rock-hard frame. A little extra work on the quads will do wonders to protect your knees from the wear and tear of constantly climbing the mountain…”  (ah, the knees of the Capricorn)

“…The period ahead favors dancing, swimming, photography, arts, and entertainment. If you are an artist, this could be an especially inspired, imaginative, and productive year…”  (swimming is mentioned!!)

“…Change isn’t always fun… but it can turn out fantastic. It can make room for true progress. It can set your life off in a new, improved direction. All this and more is the case for 2017..”

“…You will need to be bold this year and face some transitions and challenges with courage and a positive attitude. These have been hovering for a long time. Have no illusions – 2017 may not be an easy year, but then not much worth having comes easy…”
(I know I am evolving into a different athlete this year!)

I am off to clean up my office, hang a Christmas gift, probably ride my bike trainer, and maybe go swimming.  Eat more cake.  After all it’s my birthday and I will celebrate with whatever I want to do!  Have a great day!


Project 50: Leftovers to Accomplish


Leftovers to Accomplish

Some of my Project 50 I will accomplish in 2017!

Be able to do one pull up

Make a scarecrow

Participate in a local river/lake cleanup

See a bald eagle

Visit 10 new parks to me, whether it’s metro/state/national

Attend a local festival

Find my yoga CD and stretch!

New goal: Century ride on my bicycle

What goals do you have set for 2017?


Project 50: What Didn’t Happen

Project 50 What Didn't Happen

Confession time! What didn’t I accomplish this year for Project 50? What didn’t happen?

Make a photo album/scrapbook of all my beloved dogs-it is in the works

Visit fifty parks, whether city, county, state, or national-too big of a goal, especially with knee surgery.

Organize my photos-are they ever really organized? I am working on both print and digital organization

Find and attend a local yoga class-there is a local class held at various times, none of which work around my work schedule

Make my husband a picture from his favorite flowers from our property-Ack! My husband loves these little tiny pink wildflowers on our property. By the time I thought about picking and drying, they were gone for the season! Carpe diem! Or the wild flowers will be gone!

Attend an Ignite Talk-I thought this would happen at Fitbloggin, but it was not to be. Ignite Talks seems to have moved out of fashion. I live two hours from a major city so it’s not like there is a local Ignite Talk

Update our wills, power of attorney, advance directives, central spot where all this will be stored-argh. This is my biggest fail. I resolve to accomplish this in January 2017!!

Give money to a homeless person without reservation-maybe this will tell you the bubble I live in, but never had the opportunity. Sometimes there is a person standing at the off ramp off the highway, but I was not going to stop in traffic to donate.

Make a scarecrow for my garden-just never got around to it

Start a podcast-without high speed internet, I am shelving this idea. I think I want to do it, but until technology reaches the rural areas, it is not happening

Snowboard or ski again-this idea needs  snow. I could have done this last winter, but I was still hoping to run again and didn’t want to screw up my knee any further

Make a sock monkey

Run an obstacle course race-shelved that due to the knee

Be able to do a pull up-I didn’t work on it hardly at all. I need to put this at the top of my “TO DO” goals for 2017

See a bald eagle-this was a happenstance goal. We have lots of bald eagles in Ohio now, I just have not seen one.

Participate in a local clean up the river/lake-by the time I looked this up, the dates had moved past me. I do plan on doing this in 2017.

Update my resume-argh. I will do this in January 2017!!

Hopscotch-I will do this too!!

Try a dance class-can I count Zumba at Fitbloggin this past year? I did do that.

Sing karaoke-another goal I just did not get around to. This would involve driving out of town, meeting friends, and then singing in public. I really should do this since I do have this aversion to singing, this really would push me out of my comfort zone.

Do you have a Project 50 or a bucket list? Did you tick some items off the list in 2016?



Project 50: What I Learned

Celebration of Turning 50


I set out in 2016, to come up with fifty activities/goals/experiences to celebrate turning fifty years old. It was a fun project!

Project 50 List

What I Learned

Write it down, make a date, and then go do it!  I did things that I have “been wanting” to do for years! Like visit Fallingwater! White water rafting! Ziplining!

Ziplining at The Wilds

Choose some things out of your comfort zone or normal routine

I painted a picture. I grew some new vegetable and fruit. I ate no meat for one week.

Project 50 Paint a Picture

I enjoyed pretty much everything on my list. I did not set out to enjoy everything that I got around to doing, but all turned out to be a positive experience. Even the kayaking in the open sea.

kayaks on Hog IslandI still have things to accomplish from Project 50 and that is okay. I’ve added some of these goals to what I would like to do/see/accomplish in 2017.

Here’s to a wonderful 51st year and a great 2017!

My 2017 Goals

2017 Goals

This usually, if I write one, starts out as “what races I am running” for the year.

This is going to be a different year, maybe the start of new me, or Kimba 2.0 as I call her.

I may not be running much. I have Grade 4 Arthritis on my right knee. I’ve seen the XRays (went to the doctor in December) where there is not a gap between my bones.  Knee Arthritis
Hence the pain on my knee. Running is the worst thing you can do for this.  Walking is good. Swimming, biking, hiking is good. Virtually every other sport under the sun is good-except for running.

It’s going to be a very flexible year that I will embrace.  (Embrace is my word of the year!)

Hiking: I’ve become interested in the Buckeye Trail. I received several map sections of the BT for Christmas and I would like to cover these in 2017.  I would also like to do some overnight camping.

Biking: I’m going to ride my bike this year. I need to find trails or roads without lots of traffic. One of my goals will be to ride a century, or 100  miles.

Swimming: I am learning to swim with my face in the water. I think it will be fun and out of my comfort zone to “try a tri” which is a swim, followed by a bike, followed by a run.

Volunteer: this is definitely on the calendar. I will be working at the following races Forget the PR 50K in April and Massanutten 100 in May.  I will be recruiting volunteers for a new adventure race here in southern Ohio, at Camp Tuscazoar in August.

What’s on your adventure/recreation/racing calendar for 2017?